New Blood, Old Habits

Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest to name the wrestlers appearing in the new EWF wrestling e-book by the artist Perfect Slam. There were a lot of great suggestions. The e-book is now finished and is called “EWF Episode 4: New Blood, Old Habits.” You can now go download it from either Gumroad or Lulu.

Below are a few snapshots taken from the graphic novel to hopefully inspire you to purchase it and to support this artist so he continues to create more hot pro wrestling artwork!

The story is told from the perspective of the rookie in the green-and-white singlet as he struggles to survive against the much larger and more experienced Heel. As suggested by one of my loyal readers, the Singlet Rookie’s name selected by the artist himself combines a modern first name — “Austin” — with a classic jobber’s surname — “Angel” (as in Tommy Angel, one of my personal favorites.) It’s as if Austin Angel is Tommy Angel’s long lost son by some ring rat down in Tampa or somewhere.

We see young Austin Angel taking control early in the match, as upitty rookies often do, by placing his veteran opponent in a punishing Armbar. However, once that old Heel becomes good and angry, we see him fight dirty to end the hopeful Rookie’s shine, as Heels often do…

The name selected by the artist for big “El Jefe” (or The Boss in Spanish) is “J. C. Salvaje” where the J. C. stands for Juan Carlos. I believe “Savage” was one of the surname’s proposed by a reader, so it was Spanishized by the artist to align with El Jefe’s ethnicity.

What a body on this J. C. Salvaje — nice meaty pecs and abs, great trunk bulge. This is great artistry by Perfect Slam. If Salvaje were a real person, I’d be downloading all his matches wherever I could find them.

The Boss goes to work on the rookie’s lower back, focusing his assault on one body part (which verifies that Perfect Slam is an avid pro wrestling watcher and understands ring psychology.) Not only is the artist a talented illustrator and true wrestling lover, but he also writes compelling captions which utilize just the right rasslin words and phrases to keep us turned on.

The captions in yellow are taken directly from the pages of the e-book, which saved me the trouble of having to write captions for today’s article.

There is even a hunky bearded commentator at ringside adding his own colorful observations such as: “He’s not going to stop until he cripples the boy!” There are over 40 images in the e-Book so there is a lot more chaos and commentary than I’ve sampled here.

Well that provides you a decent preview of the quality and tone of this e-book. If you want to enjoy the entire bout, including the X-rated post-match raping and pillaging, go get your copy from either Gumroad or Lulu.

I’ve asked the artist to next create a Tag Team match hopefully involving my cartoon man-crush, Mr. J. C, Salvaje, so maybe if we support this artist by each downloading a copy of this latest chapter, he will get to work soon on some Tag Team action!

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  1. Gerald Lemire says:

    LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!