Friends or Foes?

Zack Reno is currently feuding with his bitter enemy, Axel (aka Ethan) in the Underground Championship Wrestling federation — although you can sense that these “enemies” actually dig each other very much.

For example, I recently blogged about their Tag Team match (UCW #681) where Axel stayed in the ring as long as possible with Zack in order to utterly own and destroy his beloved “enemy” (see above image). Then I wrote a description of their private bout (UCW #688) where Axel had the pleasure of repeatedly Sleepering poor adorable Zack, after which Zack vowed to take his revenge soon (see below image.) So there are more battles between these two rivals in the works at UCW I’m sure…

To my surprise, Wrestler4Hire recently posted a match featuring these two “enemies” acting as best friends and Tag Team partners! Instead of focusing on punishing each other, Zack and Ethan are now seen working together to utterly dominate “Boss Hog” Garrett Thomas, two-on-one style. (Note: This match is currently only available in the Members section in W4H, so if you want to view it, you’ll need to subscribe.)

As a veteran pro wrestler, Garrett Thomas usually dominates his less-experienced wrestle-porn victims, easily working them over while posing and flexing in arrogant displays of power. However, in THIS match, my boys Zack and Axel/Ethan totally bury, own, and decimate their swole play-thing! It’s very arousing to watch the muscle-stud being torn down brick-by-brick and utterly humiliated by the well-oiled machine that is Zack and Ethan. Why oh why did Garrett agree to fight two dudes at once??

Garrett’s suffering is spectacular in this unfair drubbing. That body is incredible! He resembles Jesus on the cross as the bullies stretch out his shredded physique! But the major turn-on for me was actually the excellent chemistry between the “Toughest Guys Around” — Zack and Ethan. Their Bromance is clearly discernible as they revel in their easy domination and control, joyfully ripping poor Garrett limb from limb.

In their matching black speedos, the cheaters employ every dirty Double-Team move in the book (I just love that shit) while talking trash and generally celebrating each other’s greatness. It’s a Tag Team Torture masterpiece.

One technique used to emphasize the strong bond between Ethan and Zack is their Pile-On pin attempts (see below animation.) Several times during the match, one partner (usually Ethan) will lay on Garrett to pin him, and the other partner (usually Zack) will dive on his partner’s back for added weight. It seems to be an excuse to get physical with one another — perhaps a craving left over from their UCW days when they got to enjoy wrestling against each other.

And if you get off on the scenario where one partner applies a Full Nelson so the other can Gut-Punch their victim, you’ll definitely want to check out this match. Zack and Ethan take turns performing the I-Hold-Him-You-Slug-Him gimmick multiple times, trying to soften up Garrett’s rock-hard mid-section (while also putting his impressive bulge on display.)

So when exactly was this torture-fest filmed? Was it BEFORE or AFTER the two “enemies” began their bitter feud in UCW? Did they first form this partnership in W4H and later succumb to the jealousy and male egotism that breaks up so many great teams? Or did they feud in UCW first and come to appreciate the opponent’s strength and skill which led to their decision to partner up? Either scenario works for me (i.e., turns me on), but I’m just curious about the actual timeline.

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3 Responses to Friends or Foes?

  1. Dino says:

    Ethan and Zack are hot looking guys but Garrett Thomas stole the show for me. He has a great chest and abs. The only thing that could make Garrett hotter is some hair on those great looking pecs.

  2. destoy alpha males says:

    Zeck Reno has a tons of enemies wherever he goes because he is so well endowed

  3. destoy alpha males says:

    I preffer Zack and Ethan like eternal, bitter and hated enemies that won´t rest until one of them will be utterly destroyed and humilliated