No Audio, No Problem

So here is the deal.  The Wrestler4Hire website filmed a bunch of hot pro style matches in Boston recently but the audio did not work.  So they’re currently selling the whole batch — 16 matches! — for $35, which is like $2.20 per video! What a fantastic deal — I totally bought it!

By the way, the price will be going up tomorrow, so if you want in on this great deal, go get it now.  And there is definitely zero sound, so don’t feel cheated if you absolutely need the audio to get off (which I apparently do not…)  This is a classy move by Wrestler4Hire In my opinion — to admit their mistake and give us the wrestling anyway at a huge bargain.  It makes me like W4H even more.

One of the matches in the 16-video pack features two of my favorites:  Garrett Thomas and Flash LaCash in a Heel vs. Heel back-and-forth romp.

I am kind of obsessed with Garrett after watching this one, with his sexy goatee and beautiful long hair (which Dickhead Flash yanks on repeatedly.)   Garrett’s selling is sure boner inspiring, even without the sound.

Fortunately this 16-match pack contains several Garrett Thomas matches, and I will probably be blogging about all of them because I am really digging how he moves in the ring, shows off his body, and sells his pain:

  1. Braden Charron vs. Big Masked Heel – Big vs. Little/Bodybuilder Humiliation (16 minutes)
  2. Braden Charron vs. Elite Eliot – Sleepers (22 minutes)
  3. Bradem Charron vs. Garrett Thomas – Ab Attack/Gut Bash (22 minutes)
  4. Braden Charron vs. Guido Genatto – Ball Bash (17 minutes)
  5. Cameron vs. Rendell Zebu – Bearhugs (41 minutes)
  6. Channing Travolta vs. Big Masked Heel – Bearhugs (19 minutes)
  7. Channing Travolta vs. Flash LaCash – Sleepers (17 minutes)
  8. Channing Travolta vs. Garrett Thomas – Squash Match (22 minutes)
  9. Channing Travolta vs. Guido Genatto – Pro Power Moves (19 minutes)
  10. Channing Travolta vs. Max Quivers – Wrestler For Hire (20 minutes)
  11. Elite Eliot vs. Garrett Thomas – Pros Up-Close (23 minutes)
  12. Elite Eliot vs. Guido Genatto & Flash LaCash – Pro Power Moves  (19 minutes)
  13. Elite Eliot vs. Max Quivers – Ball Bash (18 minutes)
  14. Garrett Thomas vs. Flash LaCash – Pros Up-Close (19 minutes)
  15. Garrett Thomas vs. Max Quivers – Wrestler For Hire (19 minutes)
  16. Guido Genatto vs. Garrett Thomas – Ab Attack/Gut Bash (18 minutes

A few times in this match, Garrett strikes these poses right in front of the camera and stands there a moment, looming over the other man who is exhausted and suffering in the background.  Garrett just pauses there, letting us savor his impressive physique, just showing it off in our faces.  The contrast is striking, with Garrett’s big muscles filling the screen while Flash looks small, helpless, and utterly at Garrett’s mercy.

Check out Garrett bridging out of this Headlock — now do you see why I’m digging this show-off?  I hope you dig him too because you’ll be seeing a lot more of him on this blog over the next few weeks…


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3 Responses to No Audio, No Problem

  1. Mikey Aarons says:

    I was excited to see a handful of Elite Elliot matches in this bundle. Have a feeling I’ll end up getting it before the end of the day

  2. wishwecouldfight says:

    Thomas’s ripped body is amazing.

  3. Seth says:

    Garrett is hot AF! Definitely going to buy the lot now. Great review!