Ab Master

I am continuing to enjoy the matches filmed by Wrestler4Hire where the audio did not record.  Due to the lack of sound, the whole batch of hot, sexy bouts is available at a huge discount.  The last I checked, the price is like $55 for 16 matches — still a fantastic bargain (especially when you consider that many of these matches involve the amazingly ripped Garrett Thomas.)

In today’s recap, Garrett takes on muscle-jobber Braden Charron who wore a bold red bikini that really shows him off.

The match is a total squash, with Garrett utterly dominating with a focus on Abdominal Abuse.

I’m guessing one of you wrestle-pervs with a gut-punching fetish paid them to film this custom video for your beat-off pleasure.  I’m curious what kind of discount you got when the sound didn’t record…

Braden Charron performs some high quality suffering and selling — clearly he is well experienced.  When his arms get draped over the ropes, for example, he obediently leaves them there, as if he is bound by the ropes, so the other man can have full access to his mid-section.

And when he’s planted on the mat, he remembers to roll around a little, offering us little peeks of his bikini-clad crotch.  It’s nice jobber work!

This match works for me because it recalls an old fantasy of mine involving an untrained non-wrestler (Charron in this case) tossed in the ring with a killer veteran pro.  In spite of his well-developed musculature, the non-wrestler is totally overwhelmed, like a deer thrown into a lion cage.  (And I’m not arguing that Charron is totally untrained and inexperienced — I’m just saying that he has less mainstream in-ring experience than Garrett and therefore comes off as a newbie in comparison…)

This sort of beginner-vs-veteran Mis-Match always triggered me when it occurred, I guess because of the power imbalance.  For example, if a private eye or detective on a TV show needed to go undercover as a pro wrestler to solve a crime, he would soon find himself in trouble in the ring against a brutal veteran Heel.  Total boner territory for me.  There also was a Bad News Bears movie where their schlumpy coach had to wrestle the great Antonio Inoki who started brutalizing the hapless schmoe, to my utter fascination.

Garrett is beautiful as the arrogant Heel, posing and strutting in his sparkly white trunks — really taking his time like he does.

He often pauses just to watch his victim in agony, standing over the beaten man with his body turned just so to put his abs and chest and bulge on display for us.  He knows that drives us crazy, right?

After kicking, punching, and kneeing his abs a few dozen times, Garrett adds insult to injury by just standing on the jobber for as long as he feels like.

You can kind of tell that one actually hurt poor Braden — he’s not just play-acting at being in pain at this point.

Garrett flexes over Braden often during the match (whoever ordered this custom video must’ve insisted on that.)

This is probably the hottest example from the very end of their match when he bounces his pecs for us.  All these great Garrett matches has me hoping Wrestler4Hire fucks up the audio again so I can get even more of these for just a few bucks per video…



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  1. wishwecouldfight says:

    Garrett looks good as usual, but I have to say Charron looks amazing playing the muscle victim.