Sexily Beaten in March

The “He is Out!” Blog just killed it in March, giving us gallery after gallery of amazing athletes and stunning scenes of suffering.  I am so glad he is back in business and blogging again!

Today I am posting the hottest images seen on the HIO! Blog from the past month, starting with Anthony Bowens in the March 3rd posting, sprawled out and exhausted after a rough session.

Then on March 6th, we saw the gorgeous Peter White (with his peter covered in white) take a painful beating from a big masked beast — this was a rough night on the Peter:

March 9th was a real treat for me because the HIO! Blogger went old school with a classic Kerry Von Erich bout.  We see Greg “The Hammer” Valentine knock my Kerry silly with a devastating strike.  This is just the brand of violence that turned me into a wrestle-perv before I even know what a boner was.

So far, all the He Is Out! victims in the month of March wore white trunks, my personal favorite, so maybe this is why I found these articles especially enticing.

Kerry was not only the hottest Von Erich brother, but also the most willing to sell his suffering and put his opponents over with his dramatic expressions of agony.  Here he makes Valentine’s patented Figure Four appear to be the most devastating hold ever invented (which it may really be.)

The triumphant Hero stands victorious, his amazing physique presented for our appreciation.  Damn, what a body, what a man!

This was from an era when not every wrestler was swole like the Incredible Hulk, so when you did see a physique like that, you kind of lost your shit and fell in love.


I love how Drew Galloway shrugs his shoulders just before whipping Caleb Konley’s back into the brick wall behind him.  This tragic abuse occurred in the March 12 article on the HIO! Blog.

And check out handsome Caleb rolling around on the dirty floor just like a 1980’s jobber-pussy, nice!

McIntyre then performs this brutal variation on the old Slingshot into the bottom rope, but instead of the stretchy rope, he see-saws Caleb’s throat against the metal framework under the ring!  How outrageous (and kind of a big turn-on!)



The next gallery that HIO! posted on March 15 featured Nathan Cruz getting bull-dozed by a big heavy Dave Mastiff — another unfair Monster vs Man battle that seems to take the He Is Out! blogger to his happy place.


On March 18th, HIO! posted a hodge podge of wrestlers from all over the world with one thing in common: extreme pain.  Here we see the big powerful hunk getting knocked the fuck out with some Chin Music on the ring apron. Sell it, you slut!

His muscular body bent backwards over the bottom rope is a beautiful work of art!

Speaking of being draped over the ropes, check out Matt Stryker’s green-trunked ass being hung up like last week’s laundry.   This is from the good old days of Ring of Honor when they took their torture and brutality VERY seriously (And I lusted after about half the guys on their roster.)

Where does HIO! keep discovering these amazing scenes of  unusual and remarkable suffering?!

Arguably the hottest animation of the month on He Is Out! was posted on March 21st — Tetsuya Endo being lynched in the ropes like a fly caught in a spider’s web.

Go back and check this gallery out if you missed it — Tetsuya is a wonderful hard-body treat to savor.

After a few minutes of rope-choking, we see the poor jobber released to collapse onto to the floor, his chest heaving as his fit body gasps for air.

What a great physique, and he is totally defenseless — the absolute Gold Standard in pro wrestling eroticism!

In the comments to this gallery, the HIO! Blogger also provided this bonus animation focusing on that panting and defeated body.  Damn he has great taste in wrestlers, wrestling, and wrestling images!

For the March 24th episode, we saw a well-oiled muscleman named Wise Guy wearing the sane white trunks that Kerry wore in the March 9th article.   Here his swole bod is launched across the ring by his black-panted opponent only to crash into the corner.  It is great muscle-jobber torture!

On March 27, HIO! gave us another fantastic Cutie-Next-Door vs. Gangster Monster with poor little Robbie Eagles in the ring against the massive Gino Garbino.

The He Is Out! Blogger has a knack for finding these kind of one-sided Baby-Face torture scenes.  Here Gambino gives the pretty-boy a big old hug.

We are left with the impression that it was a terrible mistake for Robbie Eagles to get in the ring with this much stronger brute — a common theme in pro wrestling.

The heartless Gambino then Pile-Drives the poor defenseless Baby-Face to wreck him good.



As a young wrestling fan, I was obsessed with (among many other tropes) the infliction of Multiple Pile-Drivers (MPDs) in the same match.

They sold the Pile-Driver as this sadistic, life-threatening nuclear weapon that only the most sadistic sociopath would unleash on his poor victim, so to see MPDs on the same weakened neck and spine was just intoxicating.

And then Robbie Eagles is spread-eagle for this sexually suggestive Pinfall and I’m like, really — now you’re just teasing us.

This might as well be a trailer for one of those Underground Rasslin’ Beat-off Videos that you can download for about $30.  When life imitates porn…

In the final March Madness match on March 30th, He Is Out! gave us Tucker — the buff Ring Boss in the black vinyl trunks with green accents.  He wrestles against one of the young Padewans whom he has trained, and the cocky punk proceeds to beat the Holy Hell out of his sexy mentor.  That’s some fertile and oft-trodden ground for erotic fantasy — the student topping his teacher, the ultimate power shift.

Check out the student literally using his teacher as a stepping-stone.  Oh how I love pro wrestling, and the He Is Out! Blog.  Long may they both continue to bring me such exciting entertainment and imagery.

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2 Responses to Sexily Beaten in March

  1. wishwecouldfight says:

    I do think sometimes pro wrestling is way sexier than those underground matches. Your choice of HIO! gifs is the definite proof.

  2. Chris H says:

    He Is Out really does produce some fantastic work! And I’m always excited to see what you’ve got for me to gawk at. I’m glad you enjoy his work as much as I do, and that you found em in the first place to share with your larger audience :p