I, Booker (part 3): Real Squeezing


After I asked my loyal readers to share their experiences with buying custom videos, one guy kindly sent me this testimonial:

I have purchased a number of custom matches over the years that involve all, or nearly all, scissorsholds…”

“Cameron at wrestler4hire has made several for me.  I like to see real squeezing and he is good about putting in real squeezing and then hamming it up, too. He’s great at trash talk, too.”

My reader, however, did not let me know exactly which videos he ordered from Wrestler4Hire.  I saw some really good Scissoring when Elite Eliot had his rematch against Garrett Thomas (see above 2 animations), so maybe that was a custom job for my scissor-loving reader.

There was also some really nice Scissor domination when Lane Hartley in snug blue trunks crushed Wayne the Jobber, so maybe that match was originally a custom order for a certain scissor-perv.

It’s hard to guess which scissors matches on the Wrestler4Hire site were custom-made for my reader, but it sure is fun going through my old downloads looking for nice, long Scissor scenes…

Then there was the time Garrett Thomas repeatedly owned Flash La Cash with those long, powerful legs which I blogged about back on 3/10/19.  I could see a dude with a Scissor fetish paying big bucks for that.

Also, my 3/25/18 article about the 2-on-1 beating on Jobe from W4H featured Austin Tyler hanging from rings to apply this Suspended Headscissor.

This creative Scissor variation has Custom-Made Wrestle-Porn written all over it!  Did they charge extra for this unusual move?

And then Austin and his partner Coleman force Jobe to tap out using a hot Headscissor + Figure 4 Leglock combo.

Someone who gets off on leg holds definitely paid for this sexy scene, so there is a pretty good chance that my loyal reader ordered this particular W4H match.

My reader also went on to tell me:  “I have also bought a number of custom videos from trickfighters, which I really like.”

Trick Fighters?   What is Trick Fighters??  This could be a whole new source of underground wrestling content, so I fired up the browser and rushed immediately over to TrickFighters.com to see what my reader was raving about…

It seems to me that Trick Fighters is based in some Eastern European or former Soviet country.  The guys have heavy Baltic accents and names like Yourko, Marat, and Vladko.

They wrestle amateur style on mats, and most of their videos seem to be custom jobs with little stories explaining why they want to fight and torture each other.

So I decided to purchase one of their Scissor-focused videos because my reader probably ordered it — and boy I’m glad I did.  It’s hot!

Sany is the buff, handsome guy in the boxer briefs.  He is known as the Scissor King at Trick Fighters, and he sure earns that title in this video: After the Limit (available for $50).

Sany locks his legs around the jobber’s neck again and again, crushing him until he taps out or passes out.

The story behind the fight is that Sany wants the other guy to speak to him in English — but the other guy keeps speaking in German instead.  This drives Sany crazy every time and he takes out his rage through his legs, crushing the Kraut’s neck until he’s as limp as a ragdoll.  I have no idea if my reader (who I’m assuming ordered this match, along with the dozens of other Scissor-based videos on their website) asked for this German language story-line or if that was improvised by the combatants.

So I’m thankful that my reader made me aware of TrickFighters.com and that my I, Booker series has led me to yet another potential source of custom wrestling videos.   And according to their Custom Match ordering site, TrickFighters’ hourly rates seem pretty reasonable compared to other producers — 150 Euros (about $170) for 15 minutes, up to 700 Euros (about $780) for an hour.  I suppose the models are cheaper to hire — off-shoring of labor costs and all that.

I think I’m going to start a price chart (see below) so we can begin to compare what the various video providers charge for custom matches, although I realize the quality of matches and models vary between companies and prices will fluctuate depending on exactly what and whom you want to see…


Approx. Cost
Typical Length
Trick Fighters $170 to $780 15 mins to 1 hour
No Rules Wrestling $300 to $1,000 6 to 10 mins
Underground Wrestler $1,550 20 mins



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2 Responses to I, Booker (part 3): Real Squeezing

  1. W.R. says:

    Thanks for covering Trick Fighters. It looks like they have a similar vibe to Untamed Creations, which is another underground wrestling company. I’m definitely intrigued to check them out.

  2. Mike says:

    Wow, more power to you if you can charge over a thousand for a “custom” but I can’t even imagine a scenario I’d come up with. My wrestling video experience is wading through tons of stuff to get a handful of gems through the years. Used to love when BGEast was more a mail catalogue company than an Internet one and each catalogue would have a section where they compiled hot portions of pro matches from around the world that of course had “interest” for their audience, always turned to that part first and ordered away. Today you might find something (or someone) like an underground wrestling pro “Stan Lee” who was a collegiate looking guy in loose speedos who gave (and took) his all in what looked like a wrestling event held in the basement of some building and the fed is not defunct and so is he I guess. And that’s free on YouTube. I’ve said before my favorite pro clip (obtained from BG of course) was on “Beatings 1” where a Big John Studd wrestler (I think it is) throws a young Steve Olsonoski ( I think it is) into the ropes repeatedly and knees that gut while good looking flips in the air (3 consecutive times) and Steve suffers magnificently. Yeah, I’d pay a thou for that entire match. Filmed obviously by someone in the front row in that arena with no commentary other than the women in the audience shrieking as Mr Handsome was being killed.