The Good Hair Heels

002on1A recent member video posted to the Wrestler 4 Hire website features a two on one assault on the always handsome Jobe Zander.

His attackers are two trash-talking bullies named Coleman Free and Austin Tyler.  These guys have amazing hair styles, beautiful trunks and swole physiques.  This match is a real treat — all three guys are my favorite.



01punchhimAt first, Jobe dominates first one Heel Jobber, then the other, totally out-classing and out-studding them.

But the boys with the good hair soon smarten up and begin to double-team the show-off.  Fuck how I love the old: Hold His Arms While I Slug Him routine!



This Ab Stretch + Elbow Smasher finished me off the first two or three times I watched this video.  Austin’s Ab Stretch is so hot, with Jobe’s face down ne-ar his bulge.

But I think it’s Coleman’s elbows to the stretched ribs that put me over the top.  It’s so fuckin’ cruel looking, like the Heel bastards I grew up on.


Sorry if I’m boring you with too many images of this Ab Stretch Rib Cracker, but it really tripped my trigger.

And Jobe with his perfectly groomed hair and goatee is just so perfect as he cringes in pain from each Elbow Smash.  This is really great work!



I’ve been impressed by Tyler in the white trunks and boots every time I’ve blogged about him.  He is fantastic here as always — he looks so mean and talks so calm and commanding.

His partner Coleman Free is new to me, but I’m loving what I see so far.  He looks like a bitchy 1980’s Glam-Heel with that gorgeous long hair.







Either these young Heels watch lots of classic pro matches to learn the old time moves, or they are very well trained by some veteran Dickhead Heel.

They continue to focus on Jobe’s hard mid-section (as any smart, sexy Heel should), using these Knee Lifts that drove me wild 30 years ago and still do.

06tapoutAnother entertaining aspect of this beating is this extended conversation between Coleman and Austin, chatting about how they’re going to harm Jobe next.

Here they force Jobe to tap out using a hot Headscissor + Figure 4 Leglock combo.

08flattenedThe story of the match is the Arrogant Alpha Male being taken down a few pegs, humbled for the way he out-wrestled each of them earlier.

Our take-away is that Might Makes Right in the world of men.  You may be more skilled, but if they have the numbers and are willing to cheat, you’re fucked.

08scissorThe matroom contains a pair of those rings hanging from ropes like they used to swing from in gym class back in the 1950s.  Austin hangs from the rings and applies this Suspended Headscissor which puts Jobe away.  I think he’s been smothered on that big bulge Austin is carrying around.09beaten

08winnersI like the boots planted on the loser’s chest, I like their bicep flexing.  I dig their awesome hair.  I like that studly body flat on the mat.  I like the giant bulge in those aqua and white trunks.

  • This was a good one, and you should hear Jobe’s grunting and moaning.  W4H certainly earned my membership payment this quarter!









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2 Responses to The Good Hair Heels

  1. battle-porn says:

    Zander finally gets what he deserves after all these years of bullying other pretty lads. I particularly love that 2-on-1 hold gif because it makes Free and Tyler look overwhelmingly dominant.

  2. male destroyer says:

    I really hate Jobe Zander´s butt, bulge and handsome face

    he needs more pain and destruction