My Favorite Insta, part 2 of 2

Back on the Fourth of July, I blogged about the first Instagram I’ve ever Liked or Followed: Black Wrestling Jobber (I still love that name.)  Today I want to continue my review of this fantastic source of  homo-erotic wrestling images and post some more photos of the really hot black dudes that the BWJ instagrammer (is that a term?) posts on his Insta…

One thing I noticed on the BWJ site that I wanted to write about today was the focus of these images on the black wrestlers’ groins.  Either their big bulges are being deliberately put on display and thrust in our faces by the proud wrestlers themselves, or the cameras are exploiting the black athletes by drawing our attention to their cockles and muscles.

For example, check out what perverted Terry Funk does here as he sets up his Black Wrestling Jobber for a Pile-Driver.  He grabs a big handful of that purple-spandexed bulge.

Is Funk perhaps jealous that his big-dicked jobber is so much larger than him?  Is this molestation meant to degrade the helpless victim, sort of like patting one of your employees on the ass?

I also noticed from BWJ’s animations that it’s very common to see a black wrestler’s trunks being pulled or stretched to expose (at least to the Heel’s viewpoint) the victim’s private parts.

Again, this draws our attention to the black wrestler’s manhood while also degrading him as the humiliated victim of sexual molestation and potential rape.


In my prior article, I mentioned the sense of racial tension the viewer feels when a white man wrestles a black man.

Given the stereotype of black males as big-dicked fuck machines out to breed all the white females, I wonder if these in-ring displays of nut busting and trunk yanking were intended to resolve or minimize the threat of the black male cocksman.

Perhaps the whole reason they threw black jobbers in the ring to be mauled by stronger white Heels was to eliminate, for the predominately white male viewing audience, this fear that black males are bigger, more prolific, and better in bed?  First they present this specimen of black male musculature in prominently bulging and colorful trunks, then they show the strong white Heel ruining him.

Are those knees to the gut — or lower?

Arn Anderson was notorious for grabbing the spandex and yanking his jobbers around by their trunks — and never more so, I’ve now noticed, than when his jobber was black and beautiful.

The BWJ Insta provides a series of videos showing Arn acting extra pervy in this infamous match against jobber Ricky Reeves.

Arn scoops the bitch up with a handful of crotch.

Arn works on his cock — I mean BACK!

Maybe I’m reading too much into these exhibitions, but it seems to me that the white Heels in these matches are perhaps being portrayed as jealous ball-busters, as if they’re threatened by their black opponents’ bigger dicks and superior sexual prowess.  So the white Heels are depicted working to neuter and emasculate their black jobbers, trying to bust their nuts so they can’t breed all the white females.  This is perhaps the intended take-away when a white Heel can’t keep his rough, grabby hands off his black opponent’s taint.

Ricky Reeves should be reporting this inappropriate act under #Me Too!

To further draw the audience’s attention to the threat he is packing, this sexy black wrestler wears trunks with the image of a zipper being partially unzipped.

In the ring, the jealous white opponent can’t abide that cocky display, so we see him Body-Slamming the big black jobber in a really grabby manner.  Did the white wrestler just see it and want to find out what it felt like, or are we meant to interpret this as an attempt to squash and ruin the black opponent’s sexual potential so he no longer a threat to whites?

So I’m not sure yet if the black wrestlers are being deliberately sexualized compared to their white opponents via this extra focus on their bulging organs, or if I’m just imagining it.

I guess I’ll need to keep following the BWJ Insta site, analyzing each and every post to watch for any signs of extra attention being paid to the trunk area.  I’ll report back on any incidents of BWJ sexploitation I find in my extensive research.



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7 Responses to My Favorite Insta, part 2 of 2

  1. Guy LeBuff says:

    That Terry Funk crotch grab was really hot lol

  2. Joe says:

    I agree with Guy! Fantastic post, too! Terry, Mr. Universe, Arn, Rocky – ah, the seventies!

  3. Jay P says:

    Thank you so much for kind words! I’m happy you guys are enjoying the page as much as I do. Also, if you have anyone you would like to see….let me know!

  4. RayAtL says:

    I’ve been following the BWJ instagram since its started and it’s a great IG for sure… I think its great you are covering BWJ here on the Arsenal!

    Its great flipping through the images of the athletes he posts on IG, but whenever I do go and find actual matches with the men, and while I make every attempt to “turn off” the part of my brain that goes to the “black vs white” trope, it just is undeniable that trope gurgles up.

    This post and the previous post here on Arsenal reference the trope and its hard to ignore (try as I have) … does that trope make the match hotter? Could be? But sometimes its just hot watching two great athletes take each other to the limit.

    Great post on Arsenal as usual and BWJ as well.

  5. Phil says:

    Guy is correct. The Funk shot is sizzling.

  6. Mark says:

    I’ve lost count at the amount of times I’ve seen Arn Anderson pull his
    opponents’ trunks…he very nearly exposed Z-Man during one match !

  7. Iggy says:

    I HAVE to know what match that Terry Funk gif came from lol.