Bound for Glory

To continue our BDSM theme from my previous Whipping Ass article, now lets look at Bondage.

Back on July 7, I wrote about the holiday sale that Wrestler4Hire offered in honor of the Fourth of July.  Another video I purchased through that same sales offer featured this shredded hunk: Braden Charron.

Whew, I thought it was hot enough when I went outside to mow the grass earlier, but it got even hotter when I came back in to find that my download had finished and Braden was waiting for me in the ring…

Braden’s opponent for this Muscle Jobber Squash is a beefy Heel in full-body spandex named Donny Dukes.  He is very talented as the Big Bad Punisher and even better as a Trash Talker.  Dukes knows all the painful moves and how to make them hurt real bad.

To explain how Donnie gained total control over his muscular opponent, this big Ball Buster is presented as the Cut-Off Move.

With Braden now emasculated and helpless, Donnie proceeds to bend, twist, stretch, and torture the jobber’s amazing body, showing off those bulging purple briefs in a variety of enticing poses and positions.

By the way, the captions under today’s images are all copied from the excellent write-up describing this match on the Wrestler4Hire website.

One behavior that I most enjoyed seeing from the villain, Donnie Dukes, was these hot moments of sudden intimacy and gentleness interspersed between moments of sheer torture.

To demonstrate his total dominance, and to get me all excited, Dukes periodically pauses to speak softly to his victim while gently caressing his body. It’s so sexy, like a Batman villain might do after he had the Dark Knight securely bound.

For me, the match became especially interesting and homo-erotic when there were about 8 minutes remaining in the video and Dukes entangled Braden’s arms between the top two rope strands — a move we just don’t see any more in our modern age of Run-And-Jump Rasslin.

Braden is utterly helpless now as Donnie savors the power and control he now holds over his bound boy-toy.

I’ve always been fascinated and excited by the old Ring Rope Tie-Up gimmick — one wrestler bound and helpless while the other gets to inflict whatever torture and abuse he desires.  I feel like it’s so blatantly homo-erotic and suggestive, it makes me crazy.  Or maybe I’m just into bondage.

I wrote a nice blog about this scenario and why it turns me on back in February 2014.

Also, all the way back in 2003 on my old Wrestling Arsenal web page (has it REALLY been 16 years?!), I presented a ten-gallery series on this sexy scenario with several variations on the torture that ensues after the Heel has the Jobber bound:

In the match I’m writing about today, the Rope Entanglement scene is extended for over 8 minutes to absolutely fetishize poor Braden Charron’s utter helplessness.  Once the cruel villain has Braden at his mercy, he keeps him there long term and fucks with him, to my utter delight.  It is total Hero Bondage and it make me rock hard.  Donnie pinches the poor Superhero’s nipples, and locks him in Sleeper Holds, and claws his abdominals, and applies Pressure Points.  The extended torture takes this classic pro wrestling scenario from sports entertainment to highly enticing Wrestle-Porn.

It’s probably not easy to hang there stretched out for over 8 minutes with your arms entangled and sell your agony, but Braden does an absolute bang-up job.  Normally he’d be able to use his arms and hands, covering his face in woe for example.

But here, he just has his handsome face, his shredded physique, and his verbal expressions of pure agony to do the job, and it is glorious.

Donnie continues his super-sexy Trash Talking throughout the bondage scene, gripping Braden’s face in his hand to get his attention, or holding him with a handful of hair, or casually rubbing or caressing his face or body whenever the mood strikes him.  The intent is to exhibit the power advantage that Donnie now holds over Braden, able to pet and stroke him like a dog on a leash whenever he feels like it.  I found Donnie’s Shit=Talking, in-your-face PDA’s to be absolutely erotic.

Oh Donnie — you kinky fucker.  What would you do to me if you had me tied up in the ropes like that??

The fact that Braden is so blatantly and gloriously shirtless, whereas Donnie’s body is fully clothed in a protective spandex body-suit, just adds to our feelings of compassion for Braden who is so exposed and vulnerable — the nearly-naked victim of this sadistic pervert’s kinky, sexy torture scene.

Did one of you wrestle-pervs out there — who grew up getting off on all the pretty Baby-Faces being tied in the ropes like this — pay specifically for this scenario as a Custom Video?  Or is Donnie Dukes just a sadistic Heel with a kinky bondage fetish who couldn’t resist torturing poor Braden like this??

Either way, as a self-confessed wrestle-perv who got off on seeing pretty Baby-Faces tied in the ropes like this, I certainly appreciated and enjoyed this video.  I love it when the Underground video producers pull out these classic pro wrestling tropes, and then absolutely sexualize and fetishize them for guys like me who grew up getting off on old-timey rasslin.  Keep up the great work boys, I’m a very satisfied customer.

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3 Responses to Bound for Glory

  1. Chaz says:

    What lovely suffering from Donnie Dukes! Dirty is taken for Dirty Daddy (Guido Genato) so either Diabolical or Dangerous Donnie Dukes!

  2. James says:

    Anyone know anything about Donnie Dukes? Does he wrestle? Videos other than ones on wrestler4hire?

  3. K T Ong says:

    If I were Donnie, I’d just rub my hands and face all over Braden’s sculpted figure. Too irresistible.

    I believe I can see Braden’s nipz get hard in some of the shots, by the way. 😀