My Favorite Insta, part 1 of 2

I received an email from one of my loyal followers which said:

Good Afternoon!  As always a big fan of your page!  I wanted to share my Instagram Page to you full of Indy black wrestling content!  Feel free to check it out, share and spread the word!     IG: Blackwrestlingjobber.

<–  And he attached this screenshot of his Instagram page which features a bunch of thumbnail images of big dicked hunks in sexy wrestling gear flexing and posing in the ring.

Now I am not a big Instagrammer — I didn’t even have an account until I got this email.  But after seeing this preview of the Black Wrestling Jobber site, I signed up for Insta faster than Ernie Ladd could jab you in the neck with his thumb.

Oh my, the delicious chocolate eye candy on the BWJ site…!     Damn, I’m so glad I joined Instagram now — why didn’t anyone tell me there was tons of hot wrestling content on here?!?

The Black Wrestling Jobber site features hot athletes from the modern Indy scene, Underground studs, classic 80’s dudes — a good mix of talent old and new.  The primary focus is on black hunks and their really nice bodies and amazing six-pack abs.  I soon found myself pretty obsessed with this page and downloading image after image of hottie after hottie to create today’s gallery.


Instagram allows you to post comments beside the images — most of which on the BWJ site just say “He’s hot!” or “Damn, I’d love to wrestle him!

I appreciated these comments because they drive home the point that this site is not just about promoting and supporting black male athletes…

It’s also about their sex appeal and the homo-erotic pleasure we get from looking at them and watching them strut, suffer, and sell for us.  I’m on board with celebrating minority athletes and ensuring they’re being represented — but I’m even more on board with celebrating the ones who are super hot and give me a boner.


One undeniable element at play when a black wrestler fights a white wrestler is the racial tension inherent in their struggle.  You can’t live in America for a week without being presented with some comparison based on race, causing you to compare and contrast white wrestlers and black wrestlers when they face off.

All of the historic baggage — the bigotry, rivalries, stereotypes, mistrust — adds heat and emotional impact to black vs. white matches.  So it triggers us when a black stud sits on a white jobber’s face, or when two white cheaters whip a black victim, or when an Alpha Male of one race pins a Beta Male from the other race.  We just can’t help it — our brains have been conditioned to think in black and white, and the wrestlers know this and will often play around with our racial hang-ups during their matches.

By the way, this Insta is called “Black Wrestling Jobber” (and I do love that name), but not all of the featured athletes are actually jobbers.  Some are totally dominant hunks.

There are also sexual fantasies at play in an inter-racial fight, beyond simply the visual appeal of contrasting skin tones.  Black males are often fetishized as big-dicked Fuck Machines who could steal away and breed all the white women.

So when we watch a strong black warrior pin a white jobber, we think about not only his athletic superiority but also his sexual dominance.  The spectacular physiques we see on display at BWJ’s Instagram page just increase this tension because BWJs photos prove that these men are not only well-endowed and sexually adept, but also physically powerful and beautifully sculpted.

In some wrestling matches, we will see the white male assert his power, perhaps kicking his black opponent in the crotch to emasculate and weaken him.  Maybe a group of white men will gang up on a black victim, totally subduing and degrading him unfairly.  Or they may force his body into degrading poses, exploiting him for our viewing pleasure as if they’re sex-trafficking him.

I think these race-based triggers in my brain have a lot to do with my enjoyment of the BWJ Instagram site.  I suspect most people think about (and get turned on by thinking about) the sexual implications when a person of one race is seen holding power over a person of a different race.  I suspect most people crave having sexual encounters (or at least wrestling matches) with someone of the opposite race and wonder how it may turn out.

I downloaded some more great images from BWJ that I want to talk about, but I will have to save those for another day.  If you can’t wait for my follow-up article, feel free to go check out the Black Wrestling Jobber instagram site, it’s a turn-on.  You may need to register for Insta (or was I the last person in the world to do so?)

To Be Continued…


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5 Responses to My Favorite Insta, part 1 of 2

  1. Henry says:

    Been a fan of this site for a while. Showing us black wrestlers that I might not have heard or seen before. The owner of this site does an awesome job. It’s too bad that some of our underground companies do not have more black wrestlers besides the one out of Atlanta, BWN.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love pro wrestlers in white trunks Val Venus looked amazing!

  3. Phil says:

    The Nick Flex leg vice is incredibly hot. WOOF!! And how hot is Kozone???!! Great gallery. Thanks.

  4. This post was like catnip, drawing me in! Another great article; thanks!

  5. Guy LeBuff says:

    This is so hot dude!!! 😀