Unwinnable Situation, part 2 of 2

This gallery continues my review of the ongoing punishment of the Miz by his former partner (and son of his boss) — Shane McMahon.  On last week’s episode of Smackdown, Shane used a wrestler named Elias as his avatar to destroy the Miz while Shane watched from ringside.

This animation reveals Shane’s desire to wrestle the Miz himself rather than sending another wrestler in his place.  We see Shane position his arms in a Headlocking position, mimicking the action in the ring.  He cranks his arm to the side as if he’s tightening the pressure on the Miz’s neck.  We sense that Shane is desperate to get his hands on his former partner.


Elias obliges his boss — tossing an exhausted Miz out of the ring so Shane can finally have his way with the ragdoll.  The commentators use some colorful language to describe this unwinnable situation and to keep the viewers on the edges of their seats:

  • Shane McMahon and Elias can take all the time they want DESTROYING the Miz.” 
  • “The Miz is DEFENSELESS — he’s been absolutely MAULED by Elias and Shane McMahon.”  (That’s hot.)

And then Shane removes his jacket, further signaling his desire to get involved, to become a rassler himself, to get physical with the Miz.  I’m liking Shane’s big Heel physique.  Go ahead Shane, strip off one more later.

One gets the sense that Shane is getting very excited about this chance to dominate his shirtless former friend.  Could Shane be into pro wrestling like you and I are into pro wrestling?

There is something very enticing about this repeated and constant punishment of the Miz by boss Shane — the humiliation Miz must feel each time the cocky non-wrestler beats him down in public.

There is an unfair power dynamic at play here (which is always a turn-on in pro wrestling matches.)  But the source of Shane’s power is not his big muscles, it’s his corporate power — his daddy’s wealth and authority.

It’s kinky that the Miz is forced to job for Shane not because Shane is stronger or a better athlete, but because Shane is higher up on the corporate ladder (on the Alpha Male pecking order) and could get the Miz fired with one word to his daddy.  Miz is forced to play the Ragdoll and permit Shane to walk all over him.

Meanwhile, we see Elias using those hard-soled steel-toe workboots to once again stomp the Miz underfoot.

When Shane orders his minion to hold up the Miz so he can spear the fucker, many of the fans begin to chant “No More Shane!  No More Shane!“.    They are tired of his constant interference in these matches and do not want to see a pudgy non-wrestler dominating the heroic and good-looking A Lister week after week for his own kinky pleasure.

The fans who are chanting “No More Shane!” are missing the homo-erotic appeal of this entire scenario — the abuse of power by this spoiled pervert, the Miz’s repeated emasculation by this weaker but wealthier Heel who has a boner for punishment.

To fuel our fantasies, Shane has turned the Miz — a former champion  — into a classic wrestling jobber, paid to lose every match and afraid to fight back.  That situation is a big turn-on when you grew up enjoying the suffering and humiliation of jobber chumps on your television each week.

So I want to chant “Way More Shane!  Way More Shane!”   I hope to see Shane continuing to Spear, and Headscissor, and Stomp the submissive Miz in the ring, the locker room, their hotel room, or wherever Shane feels the urge to dominate this shirtless hunk who is contractually at his mercy.  I find it totally intoxicating — sorry Miz!

Eventually the two bullies exit the ring, leaving the Miz ragdolled at their feet, exhausted and beaten in the ring.  But then Shane turns to his swole minion and whispers in his ear.  And then, these two denim-clad Heels start making their way back TO THE RING TO FURTHER PUNISH THE HELPLESS MIZ and I’m like, oh fuck, oh wow, HERE WE GO!

One of the commentators says: “So what they just did to the Miz wasn’t enough, apparently” and I nearly lose it right there.  A two-on-one post-match Beat-Down — it’s like Christmas morning for me!

This is the stuff orgasms are made of.  We see the helpless Miz braced in the corner by Elias, and it’s a beautiful image of vulnerability and exposure.  Oh poor Miz — enjoy the rest of your career as a total jobber.

Shane then executes his deadly Coast-to-Coast move — leaping off the top rope and sailing across the ring to kick his victim in the mid-section (or perhaps the balls if he didn’t leap high enough.)

How many more times will Shane destroy and degrade the Miz like this?:  (Hopefully at least a baker’s dozen more times).  The commentators continue to stir up the viewing audience by verbally joining in on the humiliation of this former “A Lister” with comments like:

  • “Maybe Shane feels a little pity — I mean, things are dire for the Miz. He’s gotta be on the C or D List at best.”
  • “Miz’s career is on a downward spiral. He hasn’t been the same competitor since Shane McMahon stepped into the picture.”

Next, Shane asserts his Alpha Male dominance and reminds us of his corporate authority by barking in the Miz’s face, a finger pointed at his mouth:

After cutting away for a brief interview, we return to ringside for an extended display of the Miz in agony, groped by the ref as the camera zooms in on his orgasmic expressions.

This is an especially long and detailed review of the beaten wrestler’s pain.  Are they presenting this image to further emasculate this former Superstar?  This may be the case, because we hear the words:

“This is such a sad scene. Miz once again failed to take down the Best in the World.”

I suppose this footage of the injured Miz was intended to put Shane over as a devastating and effective Heel, able to ruin an experienced veteran wrestler and leave him broken in the ring.  Or perhaps it’s just good Fan Service, a nice display of suffering to finish off any viewers who haven’t gotten there yet…

7/10/19 — Gallery update: my fellow blogger from the He Is Out! blog left me a comment that he also greatly enjoyed this match and is working on creating animations of it to post on his blog.

He sent me a link to this spectacular GIF of the Miz selling his agony in that relentless neck-snapping Headlock, drooling like a pathetic goon (which I didn’t even notice when I viewed this match!)  I hope He Is Out! goes ahead with posting more images from this hot match, because he has such a good eye for suffering and creates the very best GIFs and screencaps, as you can see above.

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  1. Great post! I liked this match a lot and actually was going to post about it and had made pictures. Let me share one here if you don’t mind.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, thank you Tetsuya-san! You can share your excellent animations on my Blog any time — they are spectacular. And you should still post all the other images you’ve created from this same match, I’m sure they will be beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing what moments you chose to focus on.