Power Play, part 7 of ?

For his Seventh and Eighth video focusing on the humiliation and defeat of Jimmy Powers, the Inner Jobber blogger put Jimmy in the ring against two swole Heels named “Rick” — Rude and Martel.   The theme of both of these matches was Muscle (Jimmy Powers) versus Superior Muscle (the Rick of the day.)

Both Rick Rude and Rick Martel employed clever methods to draw our attention to their hard bodies and bare chests.

Rude of course gave us his dramatic dis-robing (after telling  us fat losers to shut up and see how a Real Man looks).  Martel’s trick was to douse his bare flesh in his perfume, the camera eager to see it glisten on his skin.

Jimmy is permitted a few minutes of Shine early in the match — more so against Martel than against Rude (Martel was in the habit of jobbing and selling more so than Rude.)

So this gives us the impression that the muscle-men are evenly matched and equally powerful — that Jimmy may stand a chance if only he avoids mistakes.

Jimmy gets a little too cocky with some flashy (but not highly effective) Hip-Tosses applied on both of the Ricks.

At least the promoters allowed poor Jimmy to have one Signature Move — even if it was the weak and benign Hip Toss.  This move is certainly no match for Rick’s Boston Crab or the other Rick’s Rude Awakening!

One common aspect of the Muscle Jobber narrative is that the Muscle Jobber is a bit of a fuck-up — a Dumb Jock with brawn instead of brains.

We often see the Muscle Jobber get himself in trouble after some foolish error — such as Powers attempting his Hip Toss once too often, and Martel (having learned his game) just ruining him for being so damn stupid.

When the Muscle Jobber wrestles a Heel who has Superior Muscle, the jobber’s body is quickly discarded and ignored, with the camera focused on the Superior Heel’s physique.  The jobber is degraded by this utter disregard, by our fickle preference for the superior Alpha Male.

So we are treated to very few close-ups of Jimmy Powers in these bouts.  One exception was this prolonged facial abuse by Rude, inserting his fingers in Jimmy’s mouth to defile him.  Here is how one YouTuber aptly described it in his comment:

As for this particular match, wonderful selling vocally by Powers for about 20 seconds beginning at 3:00, plus the facial expressions by him during that sequence.”

Wonderful Body-Slams by Rude to make it clear that Jimmy may be powerful, but Rude is more powerful.

Come on camera-man, give us one close-up on Jimmy.  Zoom right in there and let us savor that jobber’s big chest and bulging red spandex!  You know we can barely see him from here, his body obscured by the ropes.

Another foolish fuck-up costs Jimmy the match as he barrels right into the corner (after Martel dodged his charge) only to stun himself.  It’s then easy for Martel to finish the pathetic jobber in a back-snapping Boston Crab.

Now it’s Rick Rude’s turn to destroy the Muscle Jobber for our viewing pleasure, using his patented Rude Awakening.

Can’t this poor, dumb wimp ever win a match?  The promoters must have a real hard-on for him, booking him for Squash after humiliating Squash.

Speaking of humiliating, look how Rude positions his armpit right over the beaten man’s face to pin him,   They whisper some sweet nothings — I think Rude is asking if Jimmy is OK because he had botched a Legdrop off the top rope at 3:50 into the match, crashing down onto Jimmy’s face.

Our take away is that Jimmy can’t beat anyone.  He can’t beat guys who are bigger than him, guys who are smaller than him, and now guys of his same size and musculature.




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5 Responses to Power Play, part 7 of ?

  1. Others jobbers please stop jim powers

  2. JorgePr says:

    In the gif showing Rick Rude’s pin on Jim Powers, it looks as if poor Jimmy is asking him to please put one some deodorant next time LOL

  3. wishwecouldfight says:

    Rude is awesome. He is the ultimate muscle heel.

  4. Phil says:

    Powers is probably the best muscle-jobber in wrestling history. Martel was so hot when he did the heel turn. Look at him dousing in perfume. I love it!! And the Rude pin…..what can I say?

  5. Sean Pford says:

    I love seeing these videos given new life as Wrestling Arsenal posts! 😉 Thank you!