Power Play, part 6 of ?

I recently blogged about Mr. Perfect’s victory that occurred in the first of Inner Jobber’s series of Jim Powers defeats.

The two must’ve enjoyed their time in the ring together (or the promoters enjoyed watching it), because they wrestle again in Inner Jobber’s sixth and fourteenth videos in his Jim Powers series.

The images that I captured from these two videos are mashed up in today’s gallery — both matches tell the same classic story of Perfection and Powerlessness anyway.

The theme presented in  all these matches is the flawless greatness of Mr. “Perfect” Curt Hennig who easily over-powers the buff buffoon, Jimmy Powers.

For example, here the Perfect One cleverly holds onto the ropes, causing the speedo-clad mimbo to fall on his wallet and stun himself.  His tragic flaw is his gullibility — certainly not his work ethic.

Powers is clearly the more muscular of the combatants, his swole physique on proud display while Hennig wears a singlet.  Yet Hennig gains control, not just defeating the Dumb Muscleman, but pulling him around by the hair and slapping the taste out of his mouth to emasculate the wimp.

I suppose the intent of this display of Smaller Guy Dominance is to reassure all the twerps and nerds in the crowd that, you don’t have to be buff to rule the world.  Your superior intellect enables you to outwit and own even the strongest of Alpha Males.

Mr. Perfect flirts directly with the camera a few times during these matches, peacocking for us while clearly knowing he’s turning us on with his cocky antics.

Here he Neck-Snaps the jobber, then gets right in our face and tells us it was “perfect.”   So much for the Fourth Wall — he damn near somersaulted right into my lap!

To this wrestling fan, these Muscle Squash matches were not so much a reassuring story of Brains over Brawn.  Instead, they were just a big turn-on.  There is something about a Muscle Jobber’s utter helplessness, his willingness to hold his big super-sized muscles in check and allow his body to be abused by a smaller man, that I find hot.

These self-deprecating ragdoll performances seem adorable, pitiful, noble, and oddly exciting to me.  And THIS is why Jimmy Powers is one of my favorite wrestlers even though he rarely won a match.  (Also because he looked fantastic in his red speedo, his massive chest always eliciting a sense of shock that they’re allowed to show such gratuitous male bare-chestedness on nationwide TV.

In each of their bouts, Perfect always defeats Powers the exact same way: with his patented Perfect-Plex into a cradle pinning position.

Even he has to smile right at us (see above), as if to say:  Do you SEE what I keep doing to this poor Meathead?   I can Perfect-Plex him any time I want and he is helpless to avoid it!

And each of their matches ends with Powers in the same degrading position: his shoulders pinned to the mat, his legs spread open, his red-spandexed taint on humiliating display.  His body may look perfect, but clearly he can’t be perfect.


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4 Responses to Power Play, part 6 of ?

  1. Phil says:

    Look st that smile from Hennig. That is the basis for a good heel. And the Perfet-Plex combined with Powers’ tremendous leg spread makes him a great heel and Powers the perfect jobber. Terrific gallery!!

  2. Sean Pford says:

    I love these write-ups SO much, the way you find just the right words and images to express what’s great about a match. (And I’m honored to have been a part of it!)

  3. Phil says:

    That should be Perfect-Plex. Sorry!

  4. wishwecouldfight says:

    It’s really sexy when the heel takes time to smile for the camera and then goes back to torture his beautiful muscle jobber.