Out-Numbered Gimmick

One of the most adorable Baby-Face teams of the past decade were Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel.  They were nicknamed “International Airstrike” by the fans, but never were granted a real name by the federation (nor many victories.)

As with any Baby-Face team where the two partners are really fucking hot, the goal of the promoters is to place them in unfair and dangerous scenarios so we can witness their torture.  In this 12/12/12 episode of Main Event, Ladd and Gabriel foolishly agree to wrestle all three leather-clad members of 3 Man Band (or 3MB) in a 2-on-3 Handicap Match.

At first, Tyson Kidd shines with some Arm Bar Takedowns on the big, clumsy 3MB Heels and it’s fun to watch but perhaps not a big turn-on.

So let’s fast forward shall we, to Justin Gabriel’s Face-in-Peril scene.  Gabriel (whose name plays off his angelic features) resembles a Japanese Anime’ hero with his unusual bangs and impossibly perfect facial features.   Oh my, how these 3 Heels are gonna over-power and harm this stud-puppy!

Each of these three blank-pantsed brutes is larger than my Justin.  And he is so out-numbered, two against three (actually one against three at this point, thanks to Tyson Kidd’s obsession with obeying the rules like a good little Baby-Face.)

Lots of fun fuckery ensues with 3MB of course isolating Gabriel and working together to dismantle him for our viewing pleasure.  The following Whip-Kick was especially brutal looking, leaving Gabriel all helpless and At-Their-Mercy:

When Tyson Kidd finally decides to help his suffering partner, the ref suddenly gets in on the act, restraining Kidd and turning this into a 4-on-2 handicap match.

It seems the ref understands that an unfair beat-down on the hottest wrestler in the ring is a big turn-on for the fans.  He is making sure we get our money’s worth and I appreciate that.

Besides fueling our rescue fantasies involving Justin Gabriel, the match is meant to demonstrate the power and strength of 3MB — invincible against any other Tag Team because they’re allowed to have an extra man.  This puts them over as an effective and ominous Heel team.   They wear black leather pants, in contrast to the lime green trunks on the Baby-Faces, to further emphasize a power advantage (and perhaps to hint at some kinky S&M proclivities.)

Again Justin sells his agony and we all fall in love with this little angel.

McIntyre hooks a leg (bulge alert!) and we will assume this was how 3MB won the match.  You can watch a short video of the actual finish of the match, if you’re interested, on the WWE YouTube channel.

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2 Responses to Out-Numbered Gimmick

  1. wishwecouldfight says:

    I miss Justin Gabriel. Too bad there wasn’t 205 when he was still in WWE. He has the look, the body, and the skills to be a worthy champion.

  2. Dr.Fever says:

    Justin Gabriel was a beautiful wrestler, I miss seeing him as a face, wearing trunks and getting his sexy body punished on tv.