“An Erotic Fantasy”

While watching TV recently, I saw a promo clip for a new reality show called Mexican Dynasties which briefly showed a guy flexing in a mask.  Of course this captured my interest and I had to find the episode and learn more about what was going on in this scene.

I guess Mexican Dynasties would be akin to “Real Housewives of Mexico City” — a sneak peek into the wacky and dramatic lives of the rich and fame-hungry — but it includes hunky male cast members along with the histrionic women.

A bit of searching for the mask episode led me to Season 1, Episode 6 of Mexican Dynasties, which aired on Bravo on April 2nd.  I was able to stream it on Amazon Prime for like $3.

It seems the two handsome brothers on the show, Adan (age 25) and Elan (age 31), decided to spend some brother bonding time attending a Lucha Libre show together.

On their way to the arena, the brothers decide to buy wrestling masks to wear to the event.

I always enjoy when pro wrestling is pulled from its obscure shadows into the light of pop culture and mainstream entertainment.  It legitimizes our fetish as a form of popular entertainment for everyone to enjoy — even these famous Allende brothers (they are the sons of a soap opera star and former heart-throb himself).

Also, I enjoy knowing that the general pubic is watching wrestling and getting into it, which supports my theory that everyone realizes that pro wrestling is a hot turn-on — a sexy, flirtatious delight — but most people just don’t talk about it.

The brothers select their desired masks, Adan choosing a golden leopard mask and older brother Elan choosing a Rey Misterio model with a stylized bird on the side.

Once they’ve got their sexy masks on, they’re inspired to start tussling and rough-housing right in the store, as one does when masked up.

Ever the show-off, Adan removes his shirt and begins flexing, to the delight of the salesmen.  Of course this posing and peacocking was selected for inclusion in the promo video I saw, to drive up the ratings.  (It worked on me, after all…)

Adan seems to be the more flamboyant, cocky, and sexually liberated of the brothers, ever eager to shock and titillate.

His older brother remarks: “I can’t even imagine him tonight.”  I believe he is referring to how crazy Adan may behave at the wrestling show, not anything to do with later that night back at their house.

The scene is broken up by interview clips where the two stunningly handsome brothers describe, after the fact, what was happening or what they were thinking while on their Bro Date.

This is where Adan confesses that the mask actually does arouse him.  Here is a transcript of this part of their conversation:

Adan:  When I put on the mask, I feel like I could become someone else.  I could become the Feline Prince of the jungle.  I feel uh, an erotic fantasy.

Elan (disgusted):  Fuck no!   

Adan:  It goes into a deeper sense…

Elan:  Stop!  Stop this, man!

Adan: … of my manhood.

Elan:  Ughhh.  Did you tell mom about this?


Clearly younger brother Adan, like many of us, understands the erotic appeal of a spandex mask and is willing to discuss his fetish on TV.  Is he just teasing and titillating us to boost the ratings?  Or trying to shock his older brother (always fun to do)?   Or is he, on some level, honestly admitting that he gets off on the mask and will masturbate while wearing it, perhaps while watching wrestling??

Meanwhile Elan teases us by commenting that Adan ought to become a Luchador.  Of course this offhand comment is meant to stir up images in the viewers thoughts of little Adan’s lean body being stretched and tortured in the ring each week by every big ugly Rudo in Lucha Libre.  Let me stop here and ponder that for a minute or ten….

The brothers head out to dinner, with Adan still strutting around shirtless in his mask.

He just admitted the erotic effect of the mask, so I assume he is very excited to be wearing it in public (in plain view of the on-lookers we see in the back-ground, queued up to gaze at the brothers, especially the shirtless masked one.

This scene recalls my wish for wrestling masks to come into fashion, for regular dudes to wear them out in public, showing off new colors and styles like we do now with our t-shirts, shoes, or cars.  One of my past articles where I expressed this wish (and made my own “erotic fantasy” confessions similar to Adan’s) was Mask Appreciation Society (01/2015), to which one of my loyal readers left the following prescient response to the article:

I have to agree with you 100%….MASKS add a SPECIAL something to a fight…..it seems like it’s HOT as hell…NOT KNOWING what your opponent actually looks like ! COULD BE A FRIEND….or even YOUR BROTHER!

Anyway, back to Mexican Dynasties Season 1, Episode 6 where Adan and Elan continue to be very affectionate, grabby, and flirtatious as they describe their night out at the wrestling matches.

Incidentally, the title of this episode is “Love is in the Air” and I suppose, in their case, this title refers to brotherly love.

In the climactic scene, the brothers head to the arena, both shirtless and caped in their masks, their hip dents poking out above their skin-tight jeans.  We see a little trail of hair on older brother Elan’s torso, signalling his maturity and masculinity while Adan is as smooth as a 1980’s Baby-Face.

These boys are a bit lean for my tastes, but I’d still probably crash my car into the nearest street-post if I glanced them walking down the street in their masks and capes as I was driving by.  I’m sure many viewers of this show were very pleased to see those svelte physiques on display in the streets.

The horny fuckers can hardly keep their hands off each other now.

If these brothers did form a Tag Team, I’m sure cute young Adan would portray the Face-in-Peril, his impulsive playfulness and cocky antics forever getting him in trouble, with loyal Elan constantly needing to rescue his beloved younger brother.

Once at the arena, the boys climb into a make-shift ring for a souvenir photo with a real Luchador (I think he should be paying them to be in this photo.)

The Luchador can’t keep his hands off cute Adan either, grabbing and biting him and trying to rip off his brand new mask.  Adan is being treated as the Face In Peril as I predicted.

And that’s it — the brothers grab some drinks and take their seats (still gloriously shirtless and masked) to enjoy some live wrestling and bond as brothers while probably looking hotter than most of the performers in the ring.

I enjoyed this episode of course because of the pro wrestling references, the willingness of the two brothers to display their bodies, and Adan’s frank description of his kinky mask fetish.

I probably won’t tune in again though (despite the fact that each episode I’m sure finds a way to catch Adan and/or Elan half undressed.)  If Bravo wants me as a weekly viewer, they need to seriously put one or both of these brothers into a pro wrestling career.  Then they’d hook me for sure.  Seeing Elan and especially the angelic Adan suffer and lose each week would make me a die-hard fan of Mexican Dynasties for sure.


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2 Responses to “An Erotic Fantasy”

  1. wishwecouldfight says:

    I find it a bit annoying that WWE has been producing reality shows like Total Divas, but they never tried to tease us with bromance between male pro wrestlers outside the ring. Think about it, they have so many hot guys available and therefore so many possibilities.

  2. Sean Pford says:

    Ignore the negative commenting–your posts are great! 🙂

    (I suspect that’s my pet troll, who makes sure to leave a thumbs down on each of my videos. He seems to have escaped his cage–sorry!)