Money Shot Era

Here are some images of Dolph Ziggler beating up Zack Ryder on 10/12/2012, during what I call the “Money Shot Era.”   Those were the days when the wrestlers were encouraged (or forced?) to display their cocks for our viewing pleasure as the camera exploited them by filming their bulges.

After this awesome Elbow Drop for example, we see Ryder’s legs open, offering us a sneak peek.  Maybe they got paid a bonus for each bulge reveal.


 The match — which is available on Daily Motion — gets pretty rough as the two competitors try to One Up each other.

But their true competition seems to be more about who can get us to stare at him more (by showing off his fantastic body and impressive package) rather than who can pin the other guy.

Ryder gains my attention for the moment with all his floppy, open arms selling.  Better step up and shake your ass or something, Ziggler!

Not to be out-shined, the “Show Off” knows he can regain our interest with frequent booty shaking.  He grinds away in his tight black trunks even while holding Ryder in a Front Face-Lock.

We just don’t see these frequent hyper-sexual displays and dick pics as often today, making me long for the Money Shot Era that occurred between about 2010 and 2015.

I’m worried that it may be my own fault that the Money Shot Era ended, because a few years ago, I started noticing and calling out all their frequent bulge exposures.

For example, in my 10/27/15 article, I discussed a bunch of Money Shot Headlocks.  Also my 6/6/14 article featured animated GIFs of the classic Spread Your Legs Pinfall which was so common during the Money Shot Era.


It’s plain to see the sexy positions that pro wrestlers assume in order to make the final moments of the match more enticing.

Maybe the promoters, who clearly follow this blog, thought: “Oh no, he’s onto us!  He knows we’re deliberately presenting homo-erotic sexual displays to boost our ratings — he is OUTING us and everyone will soon know that pro wrestling is actually just soft-core gay porn!”  So maybe they told the wrestlers to knock it off.

And here is how the match ended, with Ryder exposed in one of the most blatant Spread Eagle Pinfalls in the entire Money Shot Era.  See, I wasn’t making this up — these guys had to be doing this deliberately in those days, earning those bulge display bonus payments.

So I’ve been reading that the ratings are at record low levels for the WWE’s weekly programs.  I can tell you exactly why — because they got too conservative, ending the eye-popping Money Shot Era, pushing a more PG-Rated, family friendly product.

More Money Shots = bigger ratings = higher profits, so start showing off those big bulges again!

The article I linked to, above, mentions 5 things WWE should do to improve their ratings.  One of the recommendations is to “Relax the PG reins” (although they misspelled “reins” as “reigns.”)  The article recommends giving us more “adult-oriented sex and violence” and I couldn’t agree more — especially if it’s super queer adult-oriented sex and violence, featuring lots and lots of glorious Money Shots.



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4 Responses to Money Shot Era

  1. wishwecouldfight says:

    That is one hell of a sexy pin, especially when it is used on someone like Zack Ryder.

  2. Mark says:

    Agree; WWE has become far too PC and conservative.
    I can recall many, many instances of bulge close ups, and, even deliberate
    trunk pulling.
    I remember one jobber years back wearing practically see-through white
    trunks leaving little to the imagination as he was pummelled into
    Who can forget Val Venis deliberately thrusting his bulge towards the
    camera for the ladies’ watching.

  3. In the last few months, I’ve noticed what may be a slow move back in the “money shot” direction, in particular during PPV events. A friend of mine always has a big get together for them, and during the last NXT Takeover my buddy goes “Wow they REALLY want us to keep staring at Aleister Black’s package don’t they?”
    All of my friends at these parties are straight too LOL.

    This is just one recent example that sticks out, but with record low ratings it seems they are starting to push the envelope once again across the board. I’m still disappointed but am hopeful.

    After reading this I was wondering what happened to Zach. He’s frequently on WWE Main Event! I think it’s only on Hulu and the Network though.

  4. Dr.Fever says:

    Dolph (in trunks) & Zack + the ‘Money Shot era’
    = WWE at its best