Money Shots

Many wrestling matches save the best for last — that is, the most suggestive acts and erotic displays are performed at the tail end of the match during the final pin.  As he covers the beaten man, the dominant wrestle will often spread open the loser’s thighs, or hump him, tea bag him, or in this example, cup his ass.

Other wrestlers put their own body on display to sexualize the three-count, showing off their bulges to further assert their masculinity.  Alberto Del Rio, for example, often twists, spreads, or arches up to provide a nice big eyeful of his manliness.

I’ve noticed that a lot of you horny perverts love to turn the final pinning position into an Animated GIF — great work!  These brief videos make it plain to see the sexy positions that pro wrestlers assume in order to make the final moments of the match more enticing.

So here are some GIFs of the pinfalls that caught my eye recently for their obvious homo-erotic content. By the way, when were Animated GIFs invented?  I don’t recall these boner-inducing animations being around even 5 years ago.  Way to go, person who invented these!

Here we see Big Dick Barrett (obviously) getting humped and pinned by RVD.  You could pretty much create a hot GIF from any pinning position that happens in any Barrett match — all the man has to do is stand there existing in his trunks, and we’re snapping pictures and swooning.

I always notice that the wrestler on top, while spreading open his opponent’s legs to show off his bulge, will avert his eyes, staring up at the lights.  It’s as if he’s saying: “Go ahead – look at that bulge, but I am looking away as if I had no idea he even has a cock.”

And what happened to Eric Young recently?  He was around TNA wrestling for years and never really made a blip on my radar.  But now, suddenly, he’s all cocky, and sexy, and dominant.  What a big-balled show-off in those banana yellow trunks.

EY’s opponent Magnus gets in on the action too with some thigh-spreading bulge revealing of his own.  Finally TNA has figured out what they need to do to boost their ratings.  So you had better watch out, WWE — these Big Swinging Dicks are coming after you now!

Magnus does his part to ensure we tune in next week (and every week) for more TNA wrestling, offering a booty call as he hooks an Eric Young leg.  Those white boots on Magnus are working for me, but you’re probably wondering “Who the hell is looking at his boots?!?”

That’s Austin Aries (also from TNA) rolling over his helpless opponent.  He is packing some power in those thick legs — he should slap on a big, crushing Body Scissor and then I promise I will tune in every week for the next year (as if I’m not already watching every week for the next year.)

It is nice to see the “Animal” Batista back in the ring and sporting some more colorful trunks — especially when he refuses to adjust himself, to put things back where they belong.  Here he performs one of those so-exhausted-we-just lay-on-each-other-like-lovers pinfalls.  I love those.

And I apologize if you have a slow internet connection and all these big GIF files took forever to download.  Hopefully the blatant, bulging, sexually explicit actions being perpetrated during these sexy covers made it well worth the wait…

Oh and THANKS to everyone who created these GIFs!

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3 Responses to Money Shots

  1. Jason says:

    Wrestler pinning in the last one is fucking hot. ID anyone?

  2. Aaron says:

    Jon Moxley my man

  3. Mark says:

    Great pics, in #5 & #6, the wrestlers’ in the black & white trunks, respectively appear to be “enjoying” being pinned, especially the guy in the white trunks who is showing quite a bit !
    As for Eric Young, if he has his trunks pulled down during a match we’ll see the lot as he’s not wearing liners underneath.