Halloween Gorefest VIII

Last year, after I posted my annual October 31st tribute to bloody hard-core rasslin, one of my loyal readers left the following comment:

“These days wrestling is too scripted and clean — all those costumes don’t make a man rough — give me mean dirty brutes beating the crap out of some muscled pretty boy. Bust him open — make him crawl in the ring — no pads on the turnbuckles — hard ropes — screaming pretty boy jobber.”

So I wanted to find a modern match with the abuse and brutality my reader is craving…

Back in August, I was pleased to see that a modern Indy fed — Zelo Pro Wrestling in Chicago — had performed an old-school Crimson Mask match and posted it on YouTube.  It’s a fun modern take on the classic violent style which I knew would make a perfect Halloween Gorefest article.

Simon Grimm is the Heel for this match, the “mean dirty brute” that my reader referred to last Halloween.  You can see that Grimm is working the old-timey brawler gimmick with his paunchy dad bod, Errol Flynn haircut, and handlebar stash.  He is also super talented and tough as nails just like a Heel from last century, as you’ll see below.

Grimm’s victim — the “muscled pretty boy” — is a buff young White Meat Baby-Face named Pat Monix.

Daddy Grimm proceeds to discipline the youngster, roughing him up with Bitch-Slaps and Killer Knees.  This match is depicting the modern Millenial male (spoiled, sensitive, emotionally coddled) up against a hard-ass Real Man from 100 years ago (who is tough, uber-masculine, and brutal.)


Nice lean physique on this Monix kid, by the way.


We feel worried for Pat Monix when they being to brawl out on the floor.  This event is happening in a Chicago bar, and Grimm has more experience with tavern brawls than does young Monix.  Is Monix old enough to drink?

Staying in the ring offers some semblance of law and order, but once you start bar-brawling, you know the meanest, dirtiest fighter is going to win.

So Grimm stuck a chair between the turnbuckle pads and propped Monix’s head against the chair.  The dumb jobber just leans against the chair like a sitting duck.  Then Grimm comes running from across the bar to punt the chair, and the impact destroys Monix, busting his forehead open.

After being kicked, Monix dove under the ring apron for a few minutes.  This is where he bladed himself (or maybe some old veteran like Tully Blanchard or Terry Funk was under the ring waiting to blade the kid.)  When he emerges, Monix is wearing a Crimson Mask and I’m wondering if this match is really from 2018 or 1978.

Happy Halloween, my loyal readers.  Is this violent and gory enough for you?  It’s so rare to see this much color in modern wrestling matches.

Grimm just revels in it, smearing the kid’s blood on his arm and tasting his bodily fluids like a sleazy fucking psycho-killer Heel.

Next they perform a fun humiliation spot.  Dragging Monix to the bar, Grimm drinks a swig of alcohol, then blows it in Monix’s face, burning his open cut and blinding him!  I love it when pro wrestling is performed in a bar, in front of drunken adults instead of sensitive children, because the action can get raunchy and erotic like this.

This scene again depicts the contrast between the modern, sober young male (his thin skin irritated by the burning alcohol) and a rough, tough grand-dad who drank whiskey in bars and stumbled home to abuse his family.  Spewing in someone’s face might have a sexual connotation as well — marking your territory by defiling his face with your filthy discharge.


The most sadistic abuse by Grimm was this epic Curb Stomp.  He pulls up his victim’s torso, yanking back on his wrists, then proceeds to stomp his face into the ring apron!! HOLY shit, that’s brutal!

So we see that violence, blood, and toxic masculinity can still be found in pro wrestling, as in real life.  Nice work Zelo Pro — you made my Halloween!

Zelo Pro has done a great job promoting this hot match with some additional videos on YouTube.  There is an official match trailer (2:46) which captures all the hottest moments and most brutal attacks from a fresh perspective with sad music in the background:

We observe the nasty Curb Stomp from another angle, we see Grimm in a creepy mask, and right at the end, we hear the immortal words of the commentator, describing Monix’s utter defeat:

“Monix is done.  All the Zelo Pro fans are mad because their hero is on the ground, but what can you do, man?  Simon Grimm has ended the undefeated streak of Pat Monix and he has DESTROYED Pat Monix!  Bloodloss and three power-bombs, ladies and gentlemen.”


There is also a teary, bloody post-match interview by Monix (1:36) called “Pat is a Project”.  The broken jobber laments his embarrassing loss in front of his friends and family as we look on his bloodied face amid clips of him being brutalized by Daddy Grimm.   The video ends with him covering his face in shame.  It’s very dramatic and, again, presents the victimized, easily-frustrated, cry-baby attitude of the modern male in contrast to the stoic and hardy model of violent, insensitive manhood from 100 years ago.







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3 Responses to Halloween Gorefest VIII

  1. antonio maniero says:

    Simon grimm vs pat monix it s simply what i like…please more of this kind of matches…

  2. I was wondering why Pat Monix’s name sounded familiar….Then I remembered he was Storm Grayson’s tag partner.

    What a night this would’ve been if Grimm had had the chance to destroy both halves of the STDs!

  3. admin says:

    Crucifer Powerbomb, you are right — great memory. Wow, Monix looks different with short hair. I blogged about the STDs back in May 2017 in my article, “Give Me More STDs“.