Confessions #1 – 4, Copy Cats

Some confessions of wrestling obsession have started to arrive, THANKS everyone who has contributed!  Most of them so far involve placing oneself in the position of a hold, or dressing up and pretending to wrestle.

I wonder why pro wrestling always compels viewers to want to participate and act it out?  I watch football, but it does not give me the urge to run and tackle somebody or to dress up in tight capri pants, shoulder pads, and a loose jersey.  But we watch pro wrestling and it’s Monkey See, Monkey Do — lets all strip down to speedos and roll on the floor.  Why is that?

Well here are a few confessions that convey the power of that urge to join in…

“I was a swimmer in my high school so I had a few pairs of speedos.  I used to slip those on, lie down on my back in my bathroom, bridge up like a struggling jobber, just to punch myself in the gut and have my body crash down to the floor…

“…I would repeat this as if I was a jobber being choked and desperately trying to bridge up to get some leverage, inadvertently showing off my bulge to the crowd, just to have my efforts thwarted by a hard blow to abs…  

“… I would then rub myself through my speedos as I would be so aroused by this until I couldn’t hold it anymore.  

I’ve since purchased a few pairs of real pro wrestling trunks from wrestlers so I can still do this in my adult life and crawl around the floor, ass spread wide like a defeated wrestler.    ;)”






For me, it was convincing my friend to put on my speedo, as I put on my dad’s bikini brief and act out wrestling while we watched it.




“I have acted out being smothered by a huge hairy belly while laying on my back.  I have an obsession with getting snuffed out under a big hairy belly by a wrestler wearing the smallest speedo he can wear.

It is something that has always been able to get me sexually excited.  I used pillows usually and I had a friend who was a bit husky who would lay over my face and crush me but we were fully clothed.”

We had a brick wall in the basement and our couch was up against that.  I would climb into my Speedos or athletic underwear and lift myself on my head and then balance myself against the brick wall.  I would be clutching the side of my trunks, pretending to give myself a vertical suplex.  This was also a great opportunity to pretend I was getting a piledriver from the evil Paul Orndorff or Colonel DeBeers or Bob Orton…


“…For the suplex, I would hold that position for 30 seconds, a minute, or even longer. I would literally feel the blood rush to my head. Which worked out great, because I was providing verbal commentary, the type I heard Gorilla Monsoon give: 

“Look at that, Brain, the Barbarian holding this youngster up for a suplex.  What raw power! Holding him like a rag doll.  All the blood is rushing to this kid’s head…”

“…Usually I would pull the side of the trunks but sometimes I would yank on the front, the way Ric Flair or Buzz Sawyer liked to deliver a vertical suplex, pulling on the front of the jobber’s trunks.

I would get hard and would start rubbing myself on the outside of the trunks.  I would picture my teenage classmates or teachers from school, both male and female, watching me get dominated and lifted like this….



“…Often I would splooge jobber juice inside of the trunks.  One time, I was unfortunately holding out the front of the trunks a tad too much and the cum went dripping down my stomach, toward my neck.  I quickly fell down and some of the fluid got on the couch.  I vigorously cleaned. Didn’t need mom finding any jobber stains.”



 Thank you my sons, for sharing thy confessions.  Thy sins of lust, obsession, and self-abuse are all forgiven and washed clean.  Now for thy act of contrition: thou must clothe thyself in only in thy under-garments and place thyself in a pose of agony or defeat for a duration of no less than five minutes.

And who else in the congregation is wrestling with hidden thoughts of lust and obsession?  Who else is carrying a secret burden of shame and guilt and is ready to be absolved by confession?  Send them onto me that we may enjoy them and learn from them.


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5 Responses to Confessions #1 – 4, Copy Cats

  1. Aaron says:

    This is really fantastic man…we all share a very special bond here. I gotta know the name or source of that guy in the red trunks with his ass presented and body sprawled out on the floor..!

  2. Phil says:

    The guy in the red trunks is incredible……Also, who are the hot Smother Brothers……I cannot find them.

    Tbanks for this great posting.

  3. admin says:

    I think the image of the red trunks jobber was found on Tumblr, I don’t know who he is. I invented the nickname “Smother Brothers” myself, so you won’t find them using that name. Sorry — I don’t know who they are either.

  4. Rookie Jobber says:

    My god, Buzz Sawyer lifting the guy in yellow….

    How many times have I masturbated to stories of him being a total psychopath in real life?That he liked to hurt jobbers? Was genuinely scared of him as a child and then to know as an adult that he really was nuts? delicious.

    Wish he hadn’t died an early death. Could have paid him to give me private training lesson like here.

    Also, wish my school had a swim team. Would have been fun prancing around in Speedos in public and then in private with my fellow jobbers.

  5. Mark says:

    Great pics and captions, comments – always like to see the trunks being pulled.
    One reason wrestlers wear knickers underneath, to avoid a bulge exposure.