Halloween Gorefest VII

onTheRopesIt’s Halloween on the Wrestling Arsenal, and you know what that means: there will be blood.  This is the day each year where we celebrate the violent, provocative, raunchy, and suggestive style of wrestling known as Hard Core.

I found these bloody images just in time for Halloween on the Dirty Old School Wrestling Tumblr site which I recently wrote about.

It seems to me that the old Crimson Mask gimmick — an attacker relentlessly punishing his victim’s gushing forehead — is the ultimate in “dirty old school wrestling.”

undergroundernieLaddErnie Ladd is gnawing his opponent’s face like a big cat.  He was definitely a pioneer and civil rights activist.  He declared, through all his violent actions, that dominant Heel studs can come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds.

You just knew that the many racist red-necks who watched Ladd brutalize his opponents back in the 70’s must’ve wanted to lynch this big Alpha Male.  Yet Ladd never backed down from being the cruelest, most savage, most dominating Heel Beast he could.  He made all his weak white recruits bleed buckets while biting them and thumb-jabbing then in the neck.  Take THAT, racism!

partnerWatchesMrXCoverAnd just to clarify, I am not a weird sicko who gets off on torture scenes, or traps victims in a dry well in my basement.  The only time I get excited by bloody faces and bodies (and truly, violence in general) is in the pro wrestling context.

And not every violent pro wrestling match does it for me.  It has to be just the right amount of blood on just the right victim, and done in the right sexy manner, not a gross or sickening manner.  I can’t explain what makes a good Crimson Mask image, but I know one when I see it (and I saw lots of it on the DOSW site.)


fishhookBiteI have written plenty in past years about why the violent, bloody style can be a turn-on, and why certain Crimson Mask photos just work for me.  I don’t want to repeat all that analysis again, so if you want to understand why some pervs like me get all excited by this grotesque and humiliating scenario, feel free to review my past Halloween ramblings on the subject:

  1. 10/31/2011:  Nasty biting where wrestlers act like savage dogs.
  2. 10/31/2012:  A hodge-podge of bloodbaths involving Foreign Objects and other creepy cruelty.
  3. 10/31/2013: Gorey images ripped from the pages of the magazines.

brody4. 10/31/2014: Tribute to Bloody Ric Flair, always willing to be busted open to excite the crowd.

5. 10/31/2015:  Animations, instead of the usual still photos, allow you to watch the streams of blood trickle down their chins and drip off their faces and b0dies.

6. 10/31/2016:  The Cowboy James Storm uses rough, savage tactics to keep control over Gunner.


robotMonsterThis magazine cover featuring the Original Sheik contains some fairly suggestive homo-erotic content.  Sheiky has the other man’s blood smeared on his mouth and cheek, what a savage!

The caption inset to the left of the Camel Clutch is hard to read but I re-wrote it below the photo.  It indicates that the Sheik is in a kinky Master-Slave relationship with his manager, the shorter fully-clothed man wearing the red hat and green suit.

We get the sense that the manager must often command his Sheik-Slave to break some boy and deliver him to Master’s dungeon for more.







ForeignCheatersSo Happy Halloween all you blood-thirsty vampires who follow this blog.

And I want to say “thanks for the memories” to Dirty Old School Wrestling (both the Tumblr site and the sport in general) for spicing up our humdrum lives with blood sacrifices and kinky displays of weaponry and sadism.




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3 Responses to Halloween Gorefest VII

  1. Dr.Fever says:

    Happy Halloween Wrestling Arsenal.
    Thanks for all suffering & blood!

    Ps. I’m sure I saw Roderick Strong in a chain (or dog collar / rope) match many years ago and he was beaten up badly by the end of it. I can’t find it anywhere now, can anyone else remember it?

  2. RayAtL says:

    Here’s another vote for “the right amount of blood” in matches… and love a good chain or dog collar match too! Good Arsenal article!

  3. Jake says:

    These days wrestling is too scripted and clean — all those costumes don’t make a man rough — give me mean dirty brutes beating the crap out of some muscled pretty boy. Bust him open — make him crawl in the ring — no pads on the turnbuckles — hard ropes — screaming pretty boy jobber