Halloween Gorefest VI

gunner-cowboy1It’s become a tradition here on Wrestling Arsenal to celebrate the scary, dark, raunchy side of pro wrestling on Halloween: the Crimson Mask.  I was blown away by a gallery posted to the He Is Out! blog a couple weeks ago, which is my inspiration for this year’s blood-bath.


Ouch! Are you trying to bust him open?

Ouch! Are you trying to bust him open?

Former partners Gunner and “Cowboy” James Storm engaged in a passionate (and homo-sexy) feud, as often happens after two partners break up.  To settle the score, they agreed to wrestle in this “I Quit” match in 2014, which is available on Daily Motion.



I guess anything goes in an "I Quit" match.

I guess anything goes in an “I Quit” match.

The Cowboy finds a beer bottle and blatantly smashes it in Gunner’s face, the shattered glass cutting him wide open!  Now the blood starts to flow down his face like red tears, something we don’t see often in the clean, well-behaved, PC universe that is modern pro wrestling.


gunner-cowboy7In an “I Quit” match, the ref always holds a microphone near the wrestlers’ faces, so the audience can hear the words “I Quit.”  Maybe I have a sick mind, but it always looks like the helpless wrestler is being enticed to wrap his lips around the thick round head of the microphone and go to town on the shaft.  Anyway, Gunner groans out a breathy “NOOO!” but I wrote the caption as if he begged for mercy yet his punishment continued.

The more pressure he applies, the faster that blood will gush out.

The more pressure he applies, the faster that blood will gush out.

The humiliating Crimson Mask drips down Gunner’s face like a wayward cumshot, marking him as the wimp, the loser, the Beta Male to Cowboy Storm’s superiority.  Again the ref sticks that big hard mic in his face — Now are you beaten down enough to lick it?

Keep going -- the belt is just a warm up.

Keep going — the belt is just a warm up.

James Storm is a major star in this federation so he kind of owns everyone.  He is allowed to stand on the ref’s throat and rip off his belt to use as a weapon.  The compliant official offers up his pants and boxer shorts too if he wants them — anything for Master James.

You get the sense this is not the first time these former roommates got rough with belts.

You get the sense this is not the first time these former roommates got rough with their belts.

Wow — the Kinky factor triples as Storm begins whipping his helpless and bloodied opponent.  Gunner grips the rope obediently as if he is hand-cuffed there. What delicious agony for an Alpha Male like Gunner to be busted open and then whipped like a rented mule!

gunner-cowboy4gunner-cowboy6Here is an image from one of Gunner’s prior beat-downs from his boss, James Storm.  His breath-taking physique is stripped and put on vulnerable display to emphasize the Cowboy’s sexual dominance — his license to do anything he wishes to his former partner’s body.


Gunner drops to his knees, begging for his punishment to end.

I just can’t take any more — he is too strong!

Back to the match and Gunner’s degradation.  This is MY Halloween treat — seeing a powerful hunk like Gunner on his knees, bleeding shamefully, utterly vulnerable as the bully who is owning him struts around preparing to hurt him some more. gunner-cowboy5


You sick fuck — you have me swooning worse than Gunner now!

This is a nice touch by Storm, wiping a handful of Gunner’s blood across his own chest to paint himself with his former partner’s bodily discharge.  This suggests a sick obsession — that Storm wants to feel Gunner and smell him on his skin.


Gunner bites the turnbuckle pad while Storm stalks him.

C'mere bitch, I ain't done with you yet.

C’mere bitch, I ain’t done with you yet.

So Happy Halloween all you goblins and ghouls out there who get off on violent, bloody rasslin’.  Special thanks to Tatsuya from He Is Out! who is just getting better and better at creating these arresting animations. I love his blog.

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