Wrestling Vlog: Five Ways to Identify a Pretty-Boy

One of the YouTube channels I follow called Wrestle Shrine posts occasional videos that discuss the meaning and psychology of pro wrestling.  The creator of these hot videos montages uses clips from various Indy and Mainstream federations to illustrate his points as he describes the tropes, traditions, and turn-ons inherent in our favorite sport.

Today’s gallery is dedicated to his most recent upload from just a few days ago entitled “Why Prettyboy Faces Are the Toughest Pro Wrestlers (Nick Stanley Tribute.)

I really enjoy his videos because they’re about wrestling, but with a nice homo-erotic kink.  I love to hear him explain why pro wrestling is so fun and exciting to watch and what it all means.  His deep, resonant voice is also a pleasure to listen to.  I wish he’d post these hot and compelling narratives more often!

So as a tribute to the great Wrestle Shrine YouTube channel, all of the text below, and all images and animations in today’s gallery, are taken from the first half of this most recent vlog where he explains how to identify a Prettyboy wrestler…

“Who do you think are the toughest guys in pro wrestling? Are they the brawny, bearded brutes using their 300 pound frames to knock their opponents around? Or the dudes dressed head to toe in protective gear, looking like they’re more prepared for a SWAT team raid than a wrestling match?   The toughest men in pro wrestling are the men who don’t hide their faces and bodies behind layers of thick facial hair, tattoos, or clothing.”

“He is the Pretty-Boy. He has bright eyes and a handsome, youthful face that sends the crowd — particularly the females — screaming with desire and hysteria. Why is the Pretty-Boy the toughest man in the ring you ask?

Because these Good Guys must not only endure unfair, brutal beatings from sadistic larger men; they have to be able to deliver a solid ass-kicking themselves.”


“They’re not jobbers brought in to make other guys look strong. Lose too many matches and it won’t matter how good you look if you’re picking your ass up off the floor after every match.  

So how do you tell when a wrestler is a Pretty-Boy? Ask yourself the following questions…”


#1). Would he look out of place in a popular Boy Band?   

If the answer is “No” then you probably have yourself a Pretty-Boy.  He’s generally clean-cut, at most with a little bit of stubble, with maybe a few tattoos to toughen up his image, but certainly not so much that he looks like a Los Angeles thug.

He’s the kind of guy who would get an unfair advantage in a job interview just because he looks honest, approachable, and intelligent.”


#2). Is he wearing simple wrestling gear like a pair of trunks in a lighter color and with minimal detail? 

In order to relate to the Every-man and -woman, the Pretty-Boy is not going to be wearing heavily bejeweled gear and luxurious ring jackets that reek of wealth and arrogance.”


“He is an athlete first and doesn’t need layers of clothing to insulate him from strikes. 

You also won’t find him in street clothes because, well, he’s a professional wrestler and not going to Wal-Mart to shop.”



#3). Is he confident but not cocky?

This is a fine line to straddle but very important to the Pretty-Boy’s character. He has to display his chiseled body to make the girls, and some of the boys, go gaga, but in a quietly confident way rather than a self-absorbed manner.

When he makes his entrance, he greets his fans earnestly. But don’t be fooled — sometimes the Pretty-Boy may look very similar to the Cocky Jock. But they are definitely a different breed. When the Cocky Jock walks out, he smells of arrogance and narcissism, and they are much more likely to be sneering at the crowd rather than high-fiving them.”

“#4). Does he fight clean?

You won’t see the Pretty-Boy dishing out low blows, pulling hair, grabbing the tights, choking people on the ropes. He’s much more likely to stick to the techniques he learned in wrestling school, using a combination of matwork and high-flying maneuvers to make his opponents submit.”


“But sadly, in the dark and gnarly world of pro wrestling, the Pretty-Boy’s refusal to fight dirty may put him at a disadvantage, which leads me to number five…”

#5 – Is he often at the receiving end of unfair and sadistic punishment?

Whether it’s foreign objects being slammed against his back, being beaten up after the bell rings, or being hit in the ball-sack, the other wrestlers love to torture the Pretty-Boys.”


“Because, who better than the Home Town Hero would they use to make an example of? 

It seems that the other wrestlers just can’t stand the virtuousness and good looks of the Pretty-Boy.”

That’s some great commentary — I get off on hearing him utter provocative phrases like “unfair brutal beatings” and “hit in the ball-sack.”  He goes on to praise Nick Stanley in the second half of the vlog, describing how Nick checks all the boxes listed above.  Nick Stanley was an attractive up-and-comer on the Indy scene several years ago — I blogged about him back in 2014.

At this point, I’m gonna be late for work again thanks to my wrestling obsession, so I gotta run.  I may come back to finish describing Wrestle Shrine’s tribute to Stanley another time (the vlogger has got some more great button-pushing lines) — but hopefully Wrestle Shrine will start uploading so many other great vlogs about pro wrestling that I won’t have time to get back into this one.





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5 Responses to Wrestling Vlog: Five Ways to Identify a Pretty-Boy

  1. battle-porn says:

    This gallery is very well put together. I guess that’s why I LOVE the young lions in New Japan Pro Wrestling. They fit most of the descriptions above, but I truly enjoy watching them fight each other fair and square.

  2. Wrestle Shrine says:

    Thank you so much sir for featuring my video! I have to acknowledge that your site is what gave me inspiration in the first place to make these videos, so give yourself a pat on the back for that. I’m always open to other ideas but it’s hard to find time to make these videos…sorry about that!

  3. Sport Jock says:

    Love seeing prettyboys on display or getting worked over and displayed.

  4. admin says:

    I am glad to know I could inspire you and I dig your vlogs. I can imagine it’s a lot of work so I wanted you to know that we appreciate them and dig hearing (and seeing!) your take on pro wrestling.

  5. Alex Miller says:

    I love stuff like this. How smart to categorize these guys into their archetypes and then understand the nuances between similar looking guys like pretty boys and cocky jocks. I wonder if people fall into these by accident or if it’s intentional.