Everybody Loves a Good Guy

One of my loyal readers recently sent me an e-mail with the subject: “Everybody loves a good guy.”  He sent the e-mail to inform me about this young Baby-Face sensation named Nick Stanley wearing the snug white trunks.

We can tell instantly that Stanley is a friendly, fan-loving Baby-Face because he takes the time to meet and greet the public, letting them grope his fit body and hugging on him if they want it.  If you look close, you can see Nick is carrying a red rose to award to his biggest fan, a gimmick used by the Handsome Stranger 30 years ago.

Our young hero’s opponent for this match (which you can view on YouTube) is veteran wrestler Shane Williams.  He is also a throwback to an earlier era in his purple trunks worn over unmatched tights.  He is working the old “King” gimmick — which is always off-putting and offensive in the Land of the Free — complete with crowns ornamenting his old-school tights a la Jerry Lawler.

You don’t need to  be a psychic to know this “King” bastard is gonna fuck with our gullible young Face in his pure white gear.  And you don’t need to be a mind reader to know that this blogger always enjoys watching and writing about any veteran-vs-beautiful-rookie beatdown!

Sure enough, the “King” soon establishes dominion over our white knight, with all the frustrated old broads in the audience yelling “Come on, NICK!” to encourage their boy.

Williams wrenches and twists poor the kid’s arm as Stanley grunts and gasps nicely from the pain.  This inspires the over-stimulated audience to start bellowing: “Let’s go Ni-ick!

My loyal reader actually sent me links to several Nick Stanley matches, so I could have my choice based on the color of his trunks.  I could select white as also worn in today’s feature match (always a personal favorite of mine), or yellow (where his Heel opponent wears a butcher singlet which some loud-mouth fan refers to as a “Onesie”) or fire-engine red.

I always appreciate a wrestler who presents us with a variety of different colors and styles of gear.   I picture the wrestler at home opening a treasure chest and sorting through piles of spandex beauties in every color of the rainbow until he finds just the right pair that will look good on his ass.

One mistake the Big Federations make is to brand each wrestler with one and only one look — such as Seth Rollins in his long black tights as if that is the only outfit he owns. Don’t get me wrong — I love Seth’s butch, kinky leather look — GRrrowrl!

However, variety is the spice of life and it would be more exciting if he would surprise us with something unique for each appearance as he did on the Indy scene.  After all, Seth Rollins was once known as “Tyler Black” — and when he was Tyler Black he was known as “King of the Banana Hammock.” He wore gorgeous spandex in every color of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  Also black and white.  I’m sure he still owns all those great little trunks and speedos, so it would cost nothing to let him start wearing them again!  Anyway, another reason to dig Nick Stanley is that he is already working on his own rainbow of trunks.

Each attempt by Nick Stanley to gain a small advantage is thwarted by the clever Heel.  For example, when Nick climbs the turnbuckles at 14:58 into the video, Williams shakes the ropes causing Nick to fall and rack his nuts on the top corner pad.  Then Nick fights back and tries to Backslide the King, only to receive a kick to the belly and a DDT for his troubles.

And at 16:26 when our Good Guy in white bounces off the ropes to gain momentum for some fancy attack, the veteran meets him at the ropes and drives a big gut-busting knee to his mid-section, leaving poor Nick in the fetal position, kicking his boots and gasping “AHH!  AHHH!”

But never count out a handsome young fan favorite.  After all the punishment he absorbed, after hearing the fans chant “GO, Nick! GO!!” over 3,000 times, he finds the strength to roll up the wily veteran and defeat him with a basic Small Package.  Horray!   The power changed hands and our young hero proves to be the true “King” of the ring!

Finally, like any good Baby-Face, Stanley again circles the ringside area thanking his fans for their love and support, offering them his exposed body to see, touch, or hug.  This young man really has the look and attitude to be a popular Baby-Face hero in an Indy federation — or perhaps a really fun Squash Jobber in a Major Federation.  Either way, we need to keep an eye on him (and who wouldn’t want to do that?!)

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2 Responses to Everybody Loves a Good Guy

  1. JJJ says:

    oh, what a lovely bulbous bulge he’s showing off @ 14:58!

    the way he’s writhing in pain makes me want to not only massage his balls to alleviate the pain but also bust them harder.

    i always have this kind of ambivalence toward hunks like him every time i see them getting ballbusted.

  2. RayAtL says:

    I had to choose the “yellow trunks” match to watch since that’s my favorite color…

    and just wow… Nick Stanley does not fail to impress! What a body! What a face! … no doubt he’ll be even better in a few years and can move into a “federation” that will give him a crowd his ego wants (posting his own youtube matches LoL) and his body deserves…

    (that crowd was hilarious for this outdoor match, they sort make Stanley Prince of the Rednecks … LoL)

    This was just another great post on the behalf of Arsenal… thanks for keeping up your great blog!