Mothman, part 2 of 2

From the ideal Pretty-Boy character discussed in my previous article, let’s return to discussing the ideal Heel — Marty “the Moth” Martinez. featured in this blog last week.  He’s bringing sleazy back by playing the psychotic, sadistic Killer who seems to get a hard-on by hurting men and women.  Here he blows a kiss at someone he wants to fuck up.

Marty is just tearing it up in the Lucha Underground federation, harming all the noble young Luchadores in a sexually suggestive manner.  He loves to lick and bite, which drives me crazy.  He is a handsome fucker too, which adds to my desire to see him dominate.  Some might say he is too beefy and thicc, but not me.  Give me a Heel with some meat on his bones and the balls to show his bod off nearly nekkid and I’ll tune in every week for more!

The promoters (seeing their soaring ratings) have rewarded Marty’s bad behavior by strapping a gold belt around his ample waist.

One of Marty’s recent victims was a masked hero named Fenix.  After weakening his victim with a tight Sleeper Hold, Marty proceeds to rip apart his beautiful silver mask.  The Mexican fans get all outraged and turned on when a sacred mask is being ripped apart.

Marty has said in interviews that he gets his inspiration from serial killers — what a sick fuck!  We see him pull out a fork and jab it sadistically into Fenix’s forehead.  I haven’t seen cruelty like this since Abdullah carved up Carlos Colon, working the audience into a frenzy of bloodlust!

We see how Marty sexualizes the scene by licking the fork hungrily, savoring his victim’s bodily fluid.  It’s both repulsive and sensual, as if he’s licking Fenix himself with that lapping tongue.  The most convincing Heels are the greedy, lusty beasts whose fleshy physiques reveal their animalistic gluttony and selfishness.

Marty ruins Fenix with a pair of brain-rattling knees to the face.  Marty’s minimal costume (just a pair of bikini briefs) and lack of a colorful mask reveals his disdain for the rituals and traditions of the Lucha Libre artform.  I’m sure the fans know he grew up here in the USA and I’m sure they hate him for that.  Go get ’em Marty — they despise you!

Here is how Marty won the gold belt — by defeating the Champ with his own patented move: the Package Pile-Driver.  Great Heels do that sort of thing: defeat a guy using his own hold to humiliate him.

The Mexican fans are outraged that this cheating brute has defeated their masked hero, but I’m happy and excited for him as he gloats gloriously.


Marty’s proud victory pose reminds us that there are other ways to achieve your wrestling dreams and attain Super-star status besides winning WWE Tough Enough.  The camera pans from the thick belt around his waist, up his full-sized, manly torso, to his thick-bearded Heel grin.  All hail King Marty!


Continuing to mind-fuck the pissed off fans, Marty walks on their hero like he is nothing more than a rolled up carpet.  I can’t wait to see what this deranged, boastful, cheating Serial Heel will do next to humiliate and injure his hapless Mexican opponents.  I gotta see more of him!

He went down to their turf and took over their ring and their sport as the audience watched in impotent rage.  Now he reigns over Lucha Underground like a conquering (and evil) king, misbehaving in the ring he now owns.  That sort of power grab is arousing to witness — way to go Marty!



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