Abuse of Power

The 8/27/18 episode of Raw opened with the new General Manager, Baron Corbin, scheduling himself in a surprise match with Finn Balor.  I’m not sure why they promoted one of the Heel wrestlers to General Manager — empowering a sadistic cheater over all of his co-workers — but I am sure of one thing: if I were General Manager, I’d schedule myself a one-on-one meeting with Finn Balor too!

Similar to my last gallery, this scene depicts a classic pro wrestling power imbalance — a selfish and unfair abuse of authority, the Heel taking full advantage — the injustice of which always makes matches like this seem especially erotic.

Good-worker Balor obediently enters the arena, wearing his “little jacket” just as the Boss ordered, his chest well oiled just like the Boss likes it.  I would strive to get promoted to General Manager too if it meant I could boss around hunky bearded cuties like Balor and get away with it.

When Boss Corbin ordered Finn to get his ass in the ring, he specified that he wanted “Finn Balor the man, NOT the demon.”  This is because Balor’s alter ego is creepy and fierce and wild — no manager wants to deal with THAT!

Instead, the Boss insisted he wanted to fight the weaker, more submissive persona — the version of Finn Balor he could dominate.  And why would Balor agree to show up as the weaker man instead of the all-powerful demon??  That’s because pro wrestling is homo-erotic and Finn Balor the man is hawt.

Baron Corbin disciplines his employee, using this One-Armed Chinlock so often, I decided to name it the “Baron Brace.”  I love it when the Heel has a patented torture move that he uses all the time.

You can see they’re working the Clothed Wrestler vs. Naked Wrestler trope to emphasize Corbin’s authority and power over Balor.  The Boss wears business clothes while the underling is stripped to his underwear, made to appear exposed, unprotected, and slave-like.

We see the Boss flaunt his superior position, strutting around like he owns the ring, trash talking the submissive worker at his feet, taking his time and savoring his power advantage.

As the exploited working-man, Balor had better NOT get up and fight back.  His helpless position — utterly ruled by this prick — is intoxicating.

The match touches on themes of bullying and abuse of authority by a manager.  Clearly this is a toxic workplace if a creep like Corbin has been granted this level of control over his employee — with no higher leadership stepping in to enforce fair labor standards.

We look on helplessly (and hornily) as our poor young Balor is knocked out to the floor by his rule-breaking superior.

We’ve heard many tales of misconduct by powerful bosses in the past year, getting away with groping, raping, or otherwise degrading their long-suffering subordinates.  We are reminded of those scandals as we view this smarmy cover, with the Boss perhaps licking (or kissing) his unclothed and unconscious employee’s bare body while cradling him in an intimate, but unwelcome, embrace.  I suppose some wrestling fans may be disgusted by this scene, while others are aroused.

When Finn begins to show too much gumption, the Boss subdues him with an illegal Chairshot, leaving Finn in the fetal position gripping his jewels.  This restores the power balance but also results in a Disqualification of the cheating Corbin.

Good, this Bad Boss, drunk on his power, deserves to be called out for his nasty tactics!



But the General Manager then announces that this was actually a No Disqualification match!  His Chairshot was actually legal and the match must continue!

I love when the Heels in pro wrestling are given the power to make up bullshit rules whenever they wish!  What a joy!  Especially when their victim is swole and short and cute like Finn Balor — the man, not the demon.

So the GM follows up with another fucking brutal strike with the metal chair on Balor’s bare flesh — which is now perfectly legal thanks to Corbin’s ability to make up the rules as he goes along.

Way to go, Mr. Corbin sir!   Now make it legal to tie him up in the ring ropes and yank down his trunks!

We are treated to another degrading, leg-spreading pin by the Boss — this time for the Three Count.

Maybe Balor isn’t truly as limp and helpless as he is portraying here, but maybe the Boss told him to lie still and accept defeat or he will be fired — which makes his display of submission seem even hotter if it involves psychological abuse instead of just physical abuse.

This was another great performance of oppression, mistreatment, and stiffy-inspiring agony by our rock-hard whipping-boy Balor. If I were his manager, I’d give the kid Exceeds on his next evaluation, but I doubt that Boss Corbin will be so generous.


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One Response to Abuse of Power

  1. battle-porn says:

    Finn Balor is a perfect boy toy for any boss. That pinfall is fucking sexy.