ramboVoltaYesterday, the blogger from the He Is Out! website mentioned it was his third anniversary.  When I think back over all the great images and multitudes of hot wrestlers he has presented, it sure seems longer than three years!

So I want to congratulate him by posting some of his amazing images and animations he posted in 2018 (with my typical captions added)  and thank him for all the sweet eye candy he has fed us these past 36 months.

Way to go, Tetsuya-san!


I also received a nice donation from a loyal reader recently who said he enjoys Sleeper Holds, so I am thanking him too by featuring the recent Sleepers from the He Is Out! web page, such as Samoa Joe clamping his patented “Coquina Clutch” around Chris Sabin’s neck.

Thank you Mr. P for helping me pay my server bill this year!


He Is Out! always does a great job capturing these moments of despair and utter helplessness experienced by the studs suffering in the ring.

What a joy to watch Chris Sabin in a pathetic ragdoll state, his arm repeatedly lifted and dropped.  Ring the bell, He Is Out!


AJcaughtWe also saw AJ Styles choked out by Samoa Joe in a recent He Is Out! gallery.  You get the sense AJ was the popular kid in school, athletic, handsome, and fit. I bet all the girls wanted to date him and all the boys worshiped him and called him “bro”.

What a fall from grace to be tied up and destroyed by this chunky, aggressive monster.

AJJoeI never was a huge Samoa Joe fan — he’s just not pretty enough or hard-bodied enough for my taste.

But at least if I fast-forward to the end of his match, I’ll get to watch him ruin his competition with this deadly finisher.  Either the punk is put out, or he must humble himself by tapping out as AJ Styles does here.   Tap out or pass out, pretty-boy.





I always feel a pang of regret when the Sleeper Hold victim breaks free, ending his sexy entrapment instead of fading off to helpless slumber.

What a nice surprise when Ariya Daivari escapes the Sleeper only for it to be slapped right back on.  GRRRR, I love it!  Never let him go!







The He Is Out! blogger seems to get off on the ritual of the Limp Arm Drop, where the ref lifts the beaten guy’s arm and lets it drop, dramatically flopping down like a wet noodle.

This is such a clear demonstration of vulnerability and defeat, the opposite of what we expect from our fierce male heroes.  The loss of power can be a big turn-on — He Is Out! clearly gets it.






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3 Responses to Gratitude

  1. Phil says:

    Thanks so much for this. What a great way to start my day. I was never much of a Samoa Joe fan but this has me rethinking that point of view. Bengal/Grayson is as good as it gets.

  2. battle-porn says:

    What a great choice of gifs. And thank you for spicing up all these already hot matches and making them so delightfully erotic.

  3. donthurtmypecs says:

    As I’m into muscle humiliation, I always look forward to a Somoa Joe match. And seeing these you know why.