Name That Team, part 2 of 2

05hurtingLet’s get back to describing the suffering by the hottest new Tag Team in WCWC — Clark Connors and Dicky Mayer.  We were trying to think of a name and gimmick for these two young up-and-comers, — something to call them until Mayer turns Heel and beats the fuck out of Connors.

We could call these guys the  “Young Up And Comers” but that’s a mouthful.   Or how about “Young And Dumb and Full of Cum“?   It’s also a mouthful but it’s something I’ve said about many gorgeous but gullible rookie Tag Teams like these White Meat Baby-Faces.



When we last saw Clark Connors on the April 16th episode of WCWC, he was taking a beating from these two beefy black thugs known as the Bonu$ Boyz.  Here we see Clark fooled by an Irish Whip Leg Trip, which leaves him flat on his dick with his taint on display.


Connors has used the nickname “The Hybrid” and Mayer is called “American Thunder,” so maybe they could combine their slogans and become “Hybrid Thunder.”   I googled “Hybrid Thunder” and it’s a type of tennis racket, so maybe this team could be like Jim Cornet, bringing tennis rackets into the ring to beat their opponents with (if they ever become Heels.)




Here is some fun Fat Man’s Offense by Clutch Kucera — he really is a fun Heel to watch.  He Belly Bucks his lean, shirtless opponent in the corner, using his massive weight to crush the kid against the Turnbuckles.

Connors collapses, grabbing his guts all like “Oh Fuck He Really Hurt Me That Time!” and the audience is all turned on watching him roll around in agony in his little silver speedo.06trashtalk02tagMeThis Dicky Mayer reminds me of Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones.”Maybe these guys could take on a “Night Watch” gimmick, wearing long black robes into the ring with swords on their hips.  Or maybe they could wear crowns and be the “Kings in the North.”  There may be copyright issues but it would be hot.


More crushing offense by Clutch Kucera, flattening Connors with this beautiful Frog Splash!   Have I mentioned that these Bonus Boys are just a joy to watch in action?  I wrote about Clutch Kucera’s dominance before, in my “Adrenaline Soaked” article back in September ’17.



I noticed that Clark Connors has the same first name as Clark Kent, Superman’s alter ego, and Dicky Mayer has the same first name as Dick Grayson — aka Robin.  So maybe they could be called the “Alter Egos”, the comic-book nerds in the audience would love it!  They could dress as Regular Joe Schmoes and take their punishment until they strip down to their Superman and Robin underwear and suddenly fight back.



07pinned07winnersWhatever you call these hot young pretty-boys, their suffering is still as sweet.  WCWC really struck gold by pairing them up and having them suffer for us.

Leave me a comment if you have other ideas for their gimmick — maybe they follow this blog and they’ll actually choose one of our suggestions.




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3 Responses to Name That Team, part 2 of 2

  1. Alex Miller says:

    Stunning tag team. I don’t mind silver and black, because they go together, at least, but yes, matching gear would be ideal.

    You could make Young, Dumb and Full of Cum into an acronym like TMDK. Just call them YDFC. You could pretend it’s Young Dudes Fight Club for a family audience, while knowing what it really stands for.

  2. admin says:

    Yes! YDFC – that’s what I’m calling Mayer & Connors until they get their own gimmick or break up, whichever comes first. Great suggestion.

  3. battle-porn says:

    Wearing robes into the ring would be nice, but I think Clark’s already got a big sword down there, no need to bring another one. Now I’m picturing that sword getting bigger and harder in the crushing bear hug.