Name That Team, part 1 of 2

00Clark-DickyTwo of the hottest young talents in West Coast Wrestling Connection finally teamed up on the 4/16/18 episode.   They’ve been teasing this partnership for the past few weeks with Mayer rescuing Connors and then they’d hug each other.

Their gimmick is that Mayer — who has been wrestling since 2014 as a dickhead Heel — is now a helpful Nice Guy, taking Connors under his wing to mentor him.

Their opponents are the Bonus Boyz — two big Heel thugs who wear matching jerseys and gold shoes.


00kickhimMaybe it’s because I grew up on 80’s wrestling, but I’m digging this sweet innocent young Baby-Face team, Connors & Mayer.

But they don’t have a gimmick.  They need a team name and matching gear.  Let’s help these young hunks out by branding them.

01clockedHere is where the Bonus Boyz gain the upper hand and begin punishing rookie Clark Connors while his partner watches in frustration.

The ringside cheater grabs his leg, enabling Clutch Kucera to Forearm Kill young Connors, WHAM!  causing his handsome face to BASH into the edge of the ring!  Fuck, be careful kid — it’s just wrestling after all.




While Connors is being illegally murdered by the ringside cheater, let’s consider their team name.  They’re both comely young lads, so maybe “Team Eye Candy” or “The Phwoar Boys” could work.

The commentators are already mentioning how Dickey Mayer (the former Heel) is growing frustrated with his partner’s slow uptake and lack of dominance, already teasing they’re inevitable break up where Mayer will assault Connors and pull his hair and harm him (I can’t WAIT!)   So maybe we should call them “Team Ticking Time Bomb” or “Best Friends For N0w.”

Hey, do you have any better ideas?  Leave them in the Comments box.


01tossedaroundThe Bonus Boyz isolate young Connors, preventing him from tagging out while they (and their cheating friend) just brutalize him.  I am really enjoying these fully clothed thugs and their rough Knock-Em Sock-Em offense!

Here they wedgie those silver trunks to degrade their gorgeous victim, exposing his black briefs underneath.


Connors & Mayer are both Millenials portraying a Baby-Face persona, so maybe they could be called the “Millenial Angels” — or “MillenAngels” for short.

They could wear white robes and gold headbands for halos.  Stripping off their feathered wings and white vestments would reveal matching silver trunks, like these that Connors already wears.  “MillenAngels” would play off their innocence and purity as rookie Faces.

04spikedBoth Connors and Mayer have long hair, down to their shoulders.  The Bonus Boyz take advantage, pulling hair each time they remember to do it.

I think this haircut is called a “Page Boy” so maybe their team could be called “The Page Boys.”  This would riff on their hairstyles and their youthful trainee status.

05hipckeckDamn, the Boyz are out to DESTROY their shirtless hunky opponent!  It’s getting HOT in here!

And check out Connors arched over the edge of the ring showing it to us. Maybe their team name could play off the name “Dicky.”  They could be “Dicky and Cocky” or something.



I have many more great images of Connors being just tortured by these rough-ass ratchet Heels, but this is enough for today.  I’ll save the rest of the awesome visuals for Part 2.  And don’t forget to leave a comment with some gimmick ideas for Team No Name to help these young hopefuls build their brand.

To Be Continued…



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5 Responses to Name That Team, part 1 of 2

  1. Dr.Fever says:

    This is so hot! Connors is great at selling pain and has an incredible body (with those trunks too, oh yes!) I look forward to seeing the rest of your pics.

    We might be missing Adrian Matthews at WCWC, but this event with Connors & Mayer and Caleb Konley, they are still giving us hot wrestlers to enjoy while we await Matthews return.

  2. Mark says:

    Clark Connors definitely has his manhood facing north inside his trunks.
    Some wrestlers like to do this to show their prowess, shape and size, whereas others tuck themselves downwards to protect the sack against crotch-holds.

  3. battle-porn says:

    I would call them The Fiery Sparklers. Energetic, enthusiastic, but shines only for a moment, destined to be put out by WCWC’s heels.

  4. male destroyer says:

    i pray for Clark Connors total downfall, doom n destruction