Labor of Love

It’s Labor Day so we get a break from our jobs and can focus on our preferred occupations. In my case, that’s blogging about pro wrestling.  Did you miss me?

Even though I haven’t posted for months due to a hard drive crash, I was keeping up with the excitement of wrestling, enjoying hunks in trunks, and restocking my wrestling images.

As far as my trusty old computer, it’s back in action with a new hard drive installed.  Much of my old software was lost however, so I’m trying some new programs for creating images, video clips, and other content.  Some of the new software is an improvement, some is clunky and slow or I need time to learn it.

I enjoyed my little vacation from prepping, posting, and planning for this Blog, but I also missed discussing my favorite sport, all the beautiful wrestlers, and the incredible imagery — the dramatic suffering and jaw-dropping costumes — seen in pro wrestling these days.

And I’ve been seeing some exquisite images on social media that I just couldn’t resist saving and adding a caption.  Most of today’s images were found during my vacation, such as this bully — clearly a talented grappler because he’s in a singlet, preventing the shaggy-haired Baby-Face from reaching a tag!

And here is a stunning work or art from the cover of an old Mexican magazine.  The composition is just too enticing for me to swipe left and forget about.  It’s such a stark image, just two masked masculine faces in profile against an intense yellow landscape.  Their human features are nearly concealed by those shiny metallic masks like a pair of robots.

But their exposed eyes (half closed in ecstasy) and their fleshy lips (jutting forth as if ripe for a kiss) remind us that they’re made of flesh and blood, vulnerable to pain and pleasure.  The placement of the silver mask’s mouth over the blue mask’s ear implies a level of intimacy between them.  A masterpiece == how could I NOT blog about it?!?

So in honor of Labor Day, I decided to get back to work on my favorite past-time — blogging about the in-ring labors by the men of pro wrestling for our entertainment.  Yes, a blog can be hard work, but discussing the homo-erotic undertones of the sport and the dramatic narratives in the ring is truly a labor of love for me.  I may not resume my former schedule of nearly daily updates, and some posts may be short and sweet, but as my fellow blogger at “Inner Jobber” recently wrote:  “a half-ass update is better than total silence, amIright?

As  I get back in the groove, I will try to post at least a few times a week to get my creative juices flowing and to let you know I’m still out here loving pro wrestling and blogging away.  We’ll see how it goes from there — it’s good to be back to work.

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12 Responses to Labor of Love

  1. Alex Miller says:

    Welcome back! This just became a great Labor Day. 🙂

  2. Great to see you back, man! Very nice returning post. 🙂

  3. Chris H says:

    it’s good to see you back 🙂 I’m not a frequent commenter, on social media or websites in general, but I have been following your blog for a number of years now, and I’ve always been very glad to do so. Suffering Sundays are always nice, but it’s your written posts that I’ve always appreciated.

    Thank you for helping a young guy who, just coming to terms with his sexuality in late high school understand and really appreciate this particular kink, as well as provide links and access to so many different sites I’d likely not have found otherwise.

    Just keep doing what you’ve always done; long as you’re enjoying yourself I can guarantee at least one person who will appreciate it 🙂

  4. Matrat says:

    Welcome back. You were missed.

  5. Jose says:

    So good to know you are back! You were greatly missed.

  6. B.P. says:

    Welcome back, Arsenal. We’ve missed you more than you’ll ever know.

  7. Leona Lewis says:

    Glad to see you back! Your absence has created a void in my life.

    On Sundays in particular :-p

  8. mj says:

    great to have you back!!!!!!

  9. Drew says:

    Nice to have you back! 🙂

  10. JR says:

    Yay! I’m happy you got a much-deserved break, but I’m even happier to have you back!

  11. Mike says:

    Welcome back – I have missed your fantastic website – you are really good at sorting out what is good stuff and kindly sharing it in a thoughtful way with all of us…. very much appreciated!

  12. elijav says:

    I’ll add to the chorus of cheers of your return. Definitely the best wrestling blog out there in terms of content, pictures, descriptions and frequency. You were the main force in getting me to start a couple of quick-spurt but short-lived wrestling blogs (1 & 2) myself (I just tumble now). Having done it, I know the only reason you are able to keep this up is that you are amazing and I’m just grateful you’re able to share your passions and allow myself and others to fantasize with you.