Lion Man

Have you been able to watch the newest season of “WWE NXT” — the show that introduces us to the hottest up-and-coming young warriors trying to break into the WWE proper?  It’s an impressive season so far, you can find past episodes on the WWE website.

I think my favorite NXT contestant on Season 6 might just be this sexy South African — Leo Kruger — with his massive, ripped body, long hair, goatee, and cocky poses.  Wow.  He is originally from South Africa, trained alongside Justin Gabriel, and wrestled in FCW (the WWE developmental territory) in 2010 before he was hurt and had to sit out for a while.  If you read this Blog all the time, I sure hope you enjoy what you see here, because you’re probably going to be seeing much more Leo Kruger in the coming months…

It’s been a long time since I said to myself: “I sure hope X wrestles on the program today!  I tuned in mostly just to see X in the ring”  …where “X” would be the name of my favorite wrestler at the time, be it Tommy Rogers, Nick Bockwinkel, the Young Stallions, Davey Richards, the usual suspects.  Kruger has me saying that again.  About him.

What is it about Leo?  Many wrestlers these days have a perfect, powerful physique — especially the young hopefuls on NXT.  But something about Kruger stands out to me — maybe it’s his gray-green eyes, his smoldering, pouty looks, definitely his little scruffy mouth-beard has a lot to do with it.  Sorry if I’m going on and on — this usually wears off after a few months…

For interviews, Kruger cleans up and puts on a tie.  He may no longer look like a wild, shirtless beast-master, but then he makes comments like: “I am the Alpha Male lion.  In Africa, I’m treated like a god.” And he says it in this calm, matter-of-fact voice like he’s describing his latest golf game rather than how he hurts and dominates other men while shirtless.

Wasn’t there a Tarzan movie where Boy was taken to New York, so Tarzan had to put on a shirt and pants over his usual loincloth to visit New York and bring him home to the jungle??  This just made me even more eager and more excited to see him in his natural environment.  I was much more appreciative the next time he showed up in less concealing clothing.

Part of Kruger’s appeal is his lion features.  He has thick, unruly hair like a mane, and that goatee which resembles a lion’s beard.  He uses the first name “Leo” and stalks his prey like a hungry cat.

Nice.  This lion act brings an element of savagery, dominance, and the Law of Jungle into the ring.

I may have forgotten to mention that this stud’s favorite finishing hold is a sexy Scissor-Sleeper.  He first encircles his thick arms around the neck of his prey, and begins to crush him to sleep like a lion smothering a zebra in its jaws.  Then he lays the opponent on the mat and wraps his legs around his waist, totally engulfing him in an animalistic crushing embrace of death.

All you wrestlers out there who want to become one of my favorites and to get yourself featured on this Blog — it’s easy!  Just use the Sleeper Hold to knock out your competition as frequently as possible and that will pretty much do it…

Maybe its because I watch too many fantasy movies like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, and the heroic young warrior always looks exactly like this.  Maybe that’s why I keep thinking to myself: “I sure hope Leo wrestles  on the program today.  I tuned in mostly just to see Leo in the ring.”

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2 Responses to Lion Man

  1. Stay Puft says:

    The image of Leo with Mason Ryan in a sleeper will do me in for a week at least! If these two were featured on TV I would DEFINITELY start watching again!

  2. swim10lift3 says:

    LOVE it when these guys get dressed up for interviews and just casually mention how they destroy opponents. Much better than the shirtless drunk-frat-boy bellowing/ bragging act. And it’s always hot when you know how much they’re packing under that shirt and tie but you feel guilty going there because it’s a “respectable” atmosphere.