Prince of Jobbers

How can I put into words my appreciation for Prince Devitt?  That body, that predator scowl, the skills, the willingness to give it all in the ring, etc.  He is one of my favorites of all time for sure!

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, I recently saw a great match (all his matches are great) between Devitt and his arch-rival Kenny Omega, which took place in Japan.

Damn, I just love YouTube and all the incredible pro wrestling that is available — has there ever been a better time in history to be a wrestling fan?!?  Here is this incredible match which took place on the other side of the world, and we get to enjoy it in Hi-Def for free while wearing nothing but underwear in the comfort of our own bedroom or living room!  (I know I’ve written all this before, but I am just stunned at my current good fortune as a wrestling fan.)

The most striking feature of this particular Omega-Devitt match (other than the very minimal speedos worn by the two men) is the one-sided beating suffered by Devitt.  He just lays there absorbing whatever Omega throws at him, like some 1980’s jobber!  Prince Devitt combines the body of Kevin von Erich with the subservient attitude of Randy Mulkey, and I love him for it.

Devitt has checked his ego at the locker room door for this match to provide the fans a gratuitous scene of agony, submission, defeat, and humiliation that worked on so many levels.  Thank you Prince Devitt!

One viewer who commented on the YouTube video did not appreciate Devitt’s submissive behavior.  He said:

“Omega was too dominant. It started out like a squash match, with him doing all his signature moves and Devitt taking them like a jobber. Things got better near the end, but could’ve been better nonetheless if the match had gone back and forth.”

Yes, it started out a squash match, and that’s why I loved it!  Well, to each his own.  Great wrestling is in the eye of the beholder.  For those of us who grew up on one-sided squashes and humiliating beatings, this demonstration of jobber excellence by Devitt is just the ticket.  To see him curled up in agony, clutching his ribs and abdomen, his face contorted in suffering, to hear his panting moans, brings back fond memories of beloved muscle jobbers from a bygone era.

The men pull out all the stops, taking the fight outside where Omega leaps off a tall ladder to splash down on the waiting body of helpless Prince Devitt, his flesh sprawled out on the bricks like meat on a butcher block.  Damn, I guess this Kenny Omega is not just a trash-talking, wild-haired maniac;  he’s got some mad skills, son.

Another shocking thing about this match is that it’s happening in Japan and features two Gaijin, or westerners.  Usually in Japanese wrestling, a Japanese wrestler will assume the hero role and battle an evil white man.   Here we have two westerners putting on an amazing show, and the Japanese audience eating it up.  I guess there is no denying the entertaining nature of excellence, regardless of race.

Omega is also sporting some shredded abs, much like Prince Devitt who is always ripped.  Maybe Devitt showed Omega his abs workout or his diet plan.  Whatever Omega is doing, it’s really working!

The two wrestlers target each other’s washboard stomachs for abuse, frequently kicking or stomping the belly to weaken it, to penetrate the victim’s defenses.  This is like a test of strength, a “Gut Check” to determine which man really does have the stronger stomach.  Both men, when in the dominant position, strike poses meant to really show off those six-packs!

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3 Responses to Prince of Jobbers

  1. Stay Puft says:

    They’re both looking great in this match! And I’m with you–I enjoy a good, one-sided match. (Frankly, sometimes I get bored if there’s too much give-and-take. As you said, to each his own!)

  2. MARC says:

    Totally agree with you-> Stay Puft. Both guy’s, especially the Prince look great in this match. But, Prince getting Punished and Worked a good 95% of the match, his incredible body looking -> INCREDIBLE with each new Punishment given to him by Omega is what I love. One sided matches, with the hot jobber taking all the Heel has to give, watching him suffer and the facial expressions…..OMG !! I’d take it all ONE SIDED over a give and take any day!!

  3. Christian H says:

    I am a relatively recent follower of your blog, I can’t say exactly how long I’ve been following you but it’s been a decent number of months, and I must say I absolutely enjoy it. I love your in depth looks not only into hot guys in tiny trunks rolling on the mat, but the psychology behind it. I have been attracted to wrestling since I first became physically active, despite being a relatively nonviolent person, and your blog has brought not only an outlet for that drive but a way to help myself understand why it is I like it as well.

    Now I have been browsing through Japanese wrestling for a number of years now, and I would certainly agree that Prince Devitt is not only sexy but extremely talented, able to not only deliver a convincing offense but take his punches and play the strikes like a prince (pun sort of intended). While I also agree that Kenny Omega is a gorgeous man and talented, I would have to disagree with a sentence in the first paragraph, where you referred to him as his arch rival. Again, I do believe Omega is a great wrestler and this was a great match, but I for one would say Devitt’s rival is Omega’s tag team partner Kota Ibushi.

    if there is any wrestler that I could say sells a move as well as if not better than Devitt it would have to be Ibushi. Ibushi’s high flying moves are complemented by his impressive speed and in my opinion great play to the crowds, most of his matches are all high excitement and great exchange. He takes blows like no other wrestler I’ve seen, and that’s not even mentioning just how muscular the young guy is in his well fitting white trunks. Now, pairing someone like Ibushi against another high excitement wrestler like Devitt, in my opinion, creates the perfect storm of technique, showmanship and demigod like physiques.

    Ibushi and Devitt have clashed numerous times, from challenges for the IWGP to tournament matches to their tag team matches, with both men coming out victorious throughout their history of matches together. Ibushi’s electrifying performances and simply wonderful suffering, and his wonderful way of making his body into a human ragdoll (a trait I personally love, as is displayed by Matt Sydal/Evan Bourne, John Cena and Devitt himself on occasion) were actually what got me into following Japanese wrestling, so I might be a bit biased in saying I like him better. I can’t say I follow the show to show events or perhaps that there might be more history between Omega and Devitt than I realize, but if I do say so myself I would put Ibushi as a much better rival against Devitt. I’m sure there’s something to be said about pitting Ibushi, a native Japanese wrestler, against the foreigner Devitt, but perhaps you could address that later.

    Keep up the excellent posts, I am certain I am not the only one who truly appreciates all the hard work you’ve put into this wonderful blog of yours.
    this is just a link to the first part of a match between the two in 2011 for the jr heavyweight championship