The Finer Points of Stomping

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing this Blog, it’s that there are different strokes for different folks.  The specific recipe of pro wrestling scenarios, flourishes and fetishes that satisfies one fan  (e.g., ring jackets, Body-slams, hair pulling, and loud groaning) may seem tasteless or even bland to another wrestling fan — who may instead have a hunger for bald wrestlers, Bearhugs, animal-print tights, and wrestlers who flirt with their female valet during the entire match.  One man’s tedium is another man’s turn-on.

More than any other sport or entertainment, pro wrestling seems to be FILLED with numerous symbols, poses, and icons that convey a specific arousing imagery or coded erotic message that appeals to some, but not all, of the viewers.  It’s as if pro wrestling is giving off subtle sounds and smells that drive some men crazy while others can’t detect them at all.

Sometimes when you hear another fan describe his pro wrestling kinks, you may find yourself wanting to ask:  “Why do you enjoy seeing that?!  What is so hot about [BLANK]??”   where [BLANK] may stand for leglocks, flexing biceps, stare-downs, masks, double-teaming, or Tag Team partners who hug each other like lovers every time they win a match.

For example, lately I’ve been drawn to these images featuring pro wrestling boots and the Foot-on-the-Face (or stomach, or chest, or neck, or back) victory pose.  Some of you may be looking at these Boot photos and yawning, but I assure you I am the opposite of bored (and I am probably not the only one…)

My new appreciation for the beauty and power of the Boot Pose has rubbed off from fellow wrestling fan and boot lover “Stomps4Me” who moderates the “Stomps 4 Me” Yahoo Group.

Stomps4Me is the ultimate connoisseur of the Trampling image.  His collection of boot pictures is impressive,  and his ability to detect and describe the subtle tones and details that make an image really come alive with meaning is unmatched.

So for this gallery, Stomps4Me provided images of some of his favorite Boot-themed images and provided descriptions of WHY the image is exciting to see.  Leave him some feedback in the Comments box or send him an e-mail if you agree with what he sees in these images.

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One Response to The Finer Points of Stomping

  1. Stomps4Me says:

    For many, many years, this has been an intriguing attraction of mine, the use of incredibly hot wrestling boots by heels w/in the sport of wrestling. Some wrestlers use their boots as one of their trademark moves on their opponents. Christian Cage, for example. Spike Dudley, Big Show, to name a very few. I have never, and likely could never attend a pro-wrestling match in person as it is eye-candy for me, basically like watching a porno movie. Some people may not relate and that is most-understandable. For those who are like me, maybe you can relate. It seems that form of domination, complete degredation of the opponent is what fascinates me the most. Just seeing the boots is incredible. Witnessing a wrestler actually putting them to use seems to be icing on the cake. I thank the moderator of this forum to allow me to expand my thoughts and insights.