The Punishment of Alex Riley, 1 of 2

The Miz now wears a suggestive t-shirt to the ring that tells his “Awesomeness” causes:

Feelings of Inferiority… Sudden Decrease in Confidence… High Risk of Humiliation…  Dignity Dysfunction… Trouble Performing.

These phrases have sexual performance implications, as if the Miz is so awesome that other men are converted into limp-dicked, impotent sissies in his presence.  Is the Miz implying he will sexually dominate other men with his “Awesomeness”?

When Alex Riley was a hopeful young rookie, the Miz took him under his wing and acted as a mentor.  At the time, it seemed like he corrupted Riley’s innocence, turning the rookie into an arrogant, hateful Heel.  Riley quickly began acting and dressing like his role model — bullying other wrestlers, helping the Miz cheat, wearing fancy dress clothes.  At the time, I featured the two preppies in their expensive threads beating up a shirtless Randy Orton.

An intense Bromance between the Miz and “A-Ry” was forged, with the Miz as the dominant daddy, bossing around and bullying his submissive young admirer.  Fans began speculating if these two look-alike studs were perhaps more than just buddies, if they were perhaps in a “Twinbromance.”   Then, as usual in pro wrestling, jealousy and rivalry spoiled their relationship and they broke up.  They decided to settle the score and find out who is the true Alpha Male in this match on the 4/26/12 episode of Smackdown.  You can watch this match, which is full of sexual tension and brutal competitiveness, on YouTube.

From the beginning of the match, the Miz establishes himself as the dominant stud in their relationship — staring in contemplation at Alex Riley’s spectacular body (using the Male Gaze on Riley), beckoning or ordering Riley to come closer and take his beating, scooping up Riley and slamming him onto his back.  Apparently, the authority that the Miz imposed on his trainee early in their relationship is still in play.  Despite Riley’s efforts to break free of his subservient dependence on the Miz, I guess he is still in awe of the “Awesomeness.”

The Miz (as the “teacher”) just dominates Riley (the “student”).  Their match is as one-sided as their relationship.  The action becomes violent and rough when the Miz repeatedly kicks Riley square in the face with stiff, bone-shattering boots.  Damn.

It seems that Riley is being punished by the Miz for some transgression.  Instead of a wrestling competition, this is obedience training — a whipping that the Miz apparently believes that Riley deserves.  It is a total squash job!  But what has poor young Alex Riley done wrong?  Why crime did he commit to deserve this brutal comeuppance?

The more obvious reason that Riley must be punished by the Miz is that he hasn’t lived up to his mentor’s expectations.  The Miz puts Riley in an armlock and screams: “I taught you everything! Everything!  You’re a disgrace!”

But does Riley really deserve this level of torture just because he isn’t as talented as the Miz?  Really?  Really??  There must be more to the story — another reason why Riley deserves to be punished.

To be continued…

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3 Responses to The Punishment of Alex Riley, 1 of 2

  1. Stay Puft says:

    Whew! Can’t wait ’til part 2–hot stuff!

  2. simon says:

    Agree with the above comment! Bring on Pt 2!! The Miz is just ‘sex on legs’.

  3. alphamaledestroyer says:

    the pain, degradation, destruction of his crothc is my happyness