Good Old Holds

I started working on this article, featuring some wrestling holds I love, a few weeks ago, before I decided to move my blog to

To me, great wrestling is dependent on great holds. Yes, I crave seeing hot guys in the ring wearing classic trunks and boots, but I also gotta have those torturous maneuvers that have been turning me on my whole life: Ab Stretches, Bearhugs, Camels, all the great ones.

Here are some images and animations I recently collected depicting some of my All Time Favorite Holds…

Danny Dugan shows how wrestling talent can dominate bigger muscles in a pro style match against Brian Cage.

These images would work really well on my newTumblr blog, so I’m going to re-post them there. I will use a ton of #Hashtags with each image, which is how you attract more followers.

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2 Responses to Good Old Holds

  1. ButchAngel says:

    Since I use the Cave site as my launching place for the erotic wrestling web sphere, I hope you arrange to redirect traffic from that link to your new site, my friend.

  2. admin says:

    ButchAngel, regarding your Blog List link to this website, I think you should keep the existing link in place. Some of my readers enjoy re-visiting old articles and are offering to help support the costs of maintaining the archive. Therefore, I don’t think this site will vanish any time soon — I will just stop adding new articles to it. I note that you’ve kept some links on your list to other old blogs that have not posted new content in over a year.

    If you are willing, I would appreciate the addition of a new link from the Cave to my new blog at However, I’m not sure if that link belongs under your “Blog List” section (where blogging software identifies when the last article was posted) or if you should create the newTumbl link under your “Wrestling + Hero Links” section (where the newest post is not identified.) You see, I am not sure how newTumbl works with external blogs — whether it communicates when the last post was made. I don’t know how your Blogspot software handles newTumbl links.