Dominant Monster Heel Champion

I was flipping channels on my TV recently and saw that NXT was on. What the hell, I thought, I will turn that on and see if it turns ME on. Sure enough, Finn Balor was in the main event, trying to wrest the Title Belt from the dominant monster Heel champion — Karrion Kross — and it absolutely turned me on.

There was something very, very erotic about this match. Am I the only one who clocked it? Both fighters in shiny black (ultra-snug) trunks and black boots. Their pre-match eye fucking. Tons of poses centering on Balor’s rock-hard abdomen. Quite brutal punishment.

Admittedly the Underground wrestle-porn matches are able to really send us over the edge by providing more explicitly sexual content, however, I gotta admit this match wins the Boner-Popper prize when it comes to subtle (or not so subtle) eroticism. Or maybe I was just horny that day.

Obviously Balor and his suffering poses are a big turn-on any day of the week, but this Heel — Karrion Kross — really stole the show by delivering these heaping helpings of manly sex appeal. He’s solid and strong looking, he’s a hard-ass punisher, but most of all, he really takes his time as he abuses his prey.

Kross is a top-notch Heel because he frequently pauses the battle to stand over or kneel over his victim and gloat in total superiority, with poor Finn Balor looking all broken and helpless beneath him. (I love that stuff — what a turn-on!) They strike these dramatic poses of sexy dominance and submission so frequently, it’s as if they’re just flirting with us — just blatantly TRYING to turn us on with all their S&M play.

Balor plays “Sitting Duck” a dozen times in this match

As Kross continued to relentlessly dominate my poor Prince Balor, I began to think: WHO is this Karrion Kross guy? He’s so hot and so great at what he does, I can’t believe I’ve never noticed him or blogged about him before…

So I did some research and it seems he was formerly known as Kevin Kross (aka “Killer” Kross). I searched that name in my archives and it turns out I have noticed him and blogged about him several times over the years.

  • Back on 12/23/2018, I wrote up a detailed description of Kross being ball-busted by Chris Masters (pretty hot write-up if I do say so myself).
  • And on 2/1/2016, I reviewed an Indy match where Kross plays Baby-Face, suffering a neck injury and then getting in the ring with his attacker and the dude’s nasty buddy who work together to dominate Kross.
  • On 10/12/2015, I featured Kevin Kross in the role of dominant monster Heel trying to break pretty-boy Dan Joseph’s ribs with a ton of Bearhugs and Back-breakers. Yet another arousing performance by Mr. Kross.

So I gotta give myself credit for being able to spot wrestling studs and recognize their talent and sex appeal pretty consistently throughout their careers.

Anyway, let’s get back to Karrion Kross beating the hell out of my beloved Finn Balor…

Kross goes to work on Balor’s back — a favorite Heel tactic of mine — and Balor of course sells beautifully as he’s been doing for decades now, since he was known as “Fergal” and started wrestling at age 18.

The slow and methodical pace by Kross, taking his time as he unleashes back-buster after back-buster like an Old School Heel, is utterly spellbinding to me. Really nice work but the Heel stud!

Probably the hottest image of the night occurred when Kross slammed Balor onto the announcer’s desk and Balor remained back-bent and busted, his arms outstretched and his sexy body on full display. Damn, somebody pay Balor a big bonus after that one!

Apparently “Killer” Kross’s finishing move is a variation of the Sleeper Hold. So both wrestlers proceed to tease us with Sleeper attempts several times, one guy clamping it on nice and snug and the other guy fighting out of it.

Eventually the spinal torture is too much for poor Balor and Kross locks on this gorgeous Sleeper right in the center of the ring:

It’s an interesting variation where Kross presses his free hand against the side of his face rather than gripping the victim’s forehead or pressing the back of his skull. He seems to be giving us the universal hand-on-face mime for “Take A Nap” — almost as if he’s mocking Balor by telling him to go to sleep.

I like unbreakable Finishing Holds applied by tough Alpha Male Heels like Kross. It makes them seem so unbeatable and strong and therefore hot.

Let the poor guy go! He is clearly out cold already!

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5 Responses to Dominant Monster Heel Champion

  1. Chris H says:

    I can assure you, I may be looking at Balor’s abs, but my eyes are definitely wandering..

    Also, this particular match is actually a rematch, a follow up match from NXT’s Takeover PPV, where Balor had entered the ring as the champ for near 200 days. They had been building up their confrontation for months (as WWE does) with Kross being billed as a force even Balor couldn’t stand up against, with Balor billing himself as the more focused, serious champion with out a distraction (aka Karrion’s girl Scarlett) to weaken him… And they had a solid fight, but Balor ended up knocked out cold with blows to the back of the head and lost his belt. Dunno who on the roster could properly stand against Karrion now, but that’s the magic of wrestling; always gonna be a new contender.

  2. admin says:

    I am digging this Karrion Kross as Champ and hope he keeps putting away the competition for a long time to come.

  3. Phil says:

    Kross is so incredibly dominant; his finishing sleeper is really hot. In fact, this entire gallery is superior. You have such a great eye for hot wrestling. The first time I saw Balor, I knew it was the birth of a star. Ditto for Kross. I cannot get enough of either of them.

  4. admin says:

    Agreed. Lately I haven’t found much to enjoy on NXT so I’ve taken off my Must See list. I think I’ll be putting it back on the list if Kross keeps sleepering his opponents like this!

  5. CBoapinta says:

    I mostly can’t stand Finn Balor. I think his face is hideous (ugly troll), and his body, while obviously fit and muscular, is much too slim for my taste. So I have alway been completely baffled by how much love he gets from the gays. I usually find him kind of repugnant actually.
    But every now and then, someone beats the shit out of him so effectively that I do find myself surprisingly aroused by Balor.
    And this match was one of those times. Balor suffered quite sexily.
    But mostly it was Karrion Kros. He is, as you said, a very effective heel. I loved watching him assert himself throughout the match as the clearly superior alpha, and I loved how easily he dispatched Balor to the realm of BetaBitch.
    Thanks for pointing out this match. It was definitely hot.