Strange How It’s Legal, When It’s Essentially a Low-Blow, 1 of 2

One of my loyal readers recently emailed me about his love of Atomic Drops — the classic wrestling move where you essentially crotch your opponent on your knee to bust his nuts.  Here is what he said:

A big fan of your website, keep up the great work!  I’m wondering if you’ve ever done a post dedicated to the atomic drop?   It’s my favourite move and it gets very little attention! 

The image of a big manly wrestler reduced to a heap on the mat, clutching his pride and joy.  The inventive ways this can be done – on the ropes, on an object, on the knee, or more than once in quick succession!”

“It’s also strange how it’s legal in matches, when it’s essentially a low blow!  Be great to hear your views on it!”

I love Atomic Drops too, so surely I must have done galleries on this classic Ball Buster, right?

I searched my trusty old Wrestling Arsenal website archives, from before I started blogging, and found Gallery #214 dedicated to the Atomic Drop!  It was posted on June 1, 2003 — time flies when you’re getting off to wrestling!

If you visit that classic gallery, you will see several of the images won’t display — well, they’ll display if you click on them.  I don’t know why some of my old galleries do that — maybe the browser coding has changed in the past 15 years.

Anyway, I’ve updated those missing images by inserting my old captions into the image, and posted them here in this gallery.

So I let my reader know about this old gallery, noting that all the images back then were just screen captures — GIF animations hadn’t been invented yet.

I mused how it might be time to re-visit the Atomic Drop — a dynamic move that’s just begging to be animated.  I asked my reader if he had any videos of his “favourite move” to share, and boy did he!

My reader responded with a number of links to YouTube wrestling videos that feature his beloved Atomic Drop — see below.  He also wrote some hot narrative descriptions of them which I will include below (and in the sequel to this article), along with my own insights.

The Atomic Drop is meant to be a humiliating and emasculating move, which is why it seems sexually suggestive and provocative.  You can tell from my reader’s comments that he understands that completed.

The first Atomic Drop video my reader provided will be of Kevin Cross, the wrestler seen here suffering in a Chris Master’s Headlock.  Before we get to Kevin’s neutering, I thought it was notable, earlier in the match, how the camera focused on his crotch, drawing our attention to his manhood which is about to be destroyed.

For example, while in the Headlock, Kevin spreads his legs open for us and the camera zooms right in on that black-spandexed bulge and taint, focusing our attention on the sensitive and vulnerable region that Masters would soon master.

Was this deliberate?  Did they know the Atomic Drop would be a pivotal turning point that zapped Kevin’s strength?  Or am I just a serial Crotch-Watcher?

And here is the moment of Kevin’s humiliation on his Master’s knee.  This low-blow occurs at 9:42 into the video, posted in 2015 to YouTube.

You can see why a GIF animation is superior to a static image, because we get to witness Kevin’s reaction after being busted, dancing around clutching his shattered nuts like a child who’s about to piss his pants.

He is made to appear like a silly, vulnerable gelding compared to the powerful stallion — Chris Masters.

His second Atomic Drop from a 2016 video clip on YouTube demonstrates a punishing and therefore enjoyable scenario that my reader described in a follow-up email:

I also like when a wrestler isn’t given the chance to hold his balls and recover and instead is hit with another move right away, whether that be a second painful Atomic Drop (more ball punishment!) or a different move entirely.

Here Slater clotheslines the fuck out of a suffering Zack Ryder just after utterly de-sexing him.

Apparently Heath Slater gets off on busting balls, as we see him now apply a “Pop Up” Atomic Drop on the Miz in this short video clip posted in 2017.

Later in the match, which you can see in a longer video on WWE’s channel, those beautiful white pants the Miz is wearing are split open in back, exposing his lavender underwear.

I was hoping that Slater’s Atomic Drop had been the reason his ass was split wide open, but his pants were actually ripped by some later action so I didn’t grab any images of his exposed ass.

THIS is why the Miz finally realized you need to wrestle in spandex trunks — not long pants — and now he’s one of the best dressed wrestlers in the WWE!

Here is how my reader described this Atomic Drop scene — another emasculation of poor Zack Ryder you can watch in this 2018 vi

deo clip:

Zack Ryder’s balls crushed yet again.  Zack was always the weaker of the two in his tag team with Mojo Rawley.  Obviously Mojo turned on Zack in the end, and now takes the opportunity to destroy Zack’s balls in this move and leave them battered and bruised.  Zack doesn’t have kids yet and if Mojo has his way, he never will at this rate!

Well that’s all the Atomic Dropping that I have time for today.  My reader sent be a bunch more great animations, which we’ll have to save for another day.  Plus I found a second gallery of this totally devastating move in my archives which we’ll talk about.

I’ll be away visiting family for the holiday so it may be a week before I’m back to posting.  Enjoy Christmas, my loyal readers!







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