Injured Ribs Gimmick

Back in October 2012, Randy Orton was killing it as the Suffering Baby-Face.  Here is a great example of him selling his agony like a pro in a match against the monstrous Big Show.

Orton is selling a rib injury in this match, constantly clutching his torso as if something is broken inside him.

The cruel Big Show, meanwhile, exploits his victim’s injury, even stepping and standing on poor Randy’s body.  You can catch a 2 minute video of the hottest scenes from the match on YouTube.

Elbow Drops are one of my favorite attacks — so flamboyant and showy.  Here we see Randy endure a crotch-clutching Body-Slam followed by a devastating Elbow Crusher by the relentless beast.  Oh my poor Randy — how I miss your pain,

The hottest display of agony was this fantastic Bearhug which lasted over a full minute.  Randy moans in despair and scrunches up his handsome face in pure anguish as the Giant pours on the pressure.  These prolonged images of Randy’s torture are the reason I wanted to Blog about this match even though it’s from over six years ago.

Big Show continues to destroy Randy’s body with a series of killer Elbows (and I’m in heaven.)  Then he further punishes that injured bod with his patented “Colossal Clutch.”

If Randy is injured, why won’t they stop the match instead of allowing more punishment to be inflicted on the poor stud??

Randy is so pretty when he’s in pain.  I love him as a Heel, but his Submissive Young Jobber work was just perfect.

Even when he is being violently beaten and broken, Randy never forgets to show us a little tongue, a little bulge, and lots of orgasmic facial expressions.  These are the reasons he became so popular and famous, the reasons I like watching him wrestle and writing up his matches.

After kicking his ass for a good long while, the Big Show finished him off with a very stiff Clothesline and pins him fair and square.  What a humiliating loss for Orton, to be beaten into submission only to be pinned like a jobber.  We need to see him take being injured and beaten down like this more often.



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  1. Dr.Fever says:

    Randy Orton suffering, the bear hug shots and the bulge gif… this is one of my fav WA posts!