Justice Served

I recently found these images re-posted on Tumblr. They were originally posted by Piledrive U before he moved to a Blogspot site. The images are from a hot match you can download from Wrestler4Hire: Jacob von Acker in the red bikini vs. Nick Justice in the black bodysuit.

These images of Jacob’s beautiful agony and the captions written by Piledrive U really got me worked up, so I decided to Arsenalize the images by inserting some animations and pasting captions under each image. The captions in quotation marks were written by Piledrive U and, as usual, are a big turn-on to me.

The kink factor that makes the match especially enticing is the Clothed Male, Naked Male scenario. Jobber Jacob wears the smallest, most-revealing little red bikini while dominant Nick Justice is fully covered in black neoprene. In my head, this gives Nick the upper hand — a protective armor — a power advantage. He presses his advantage with tons of nasty Heel moves (chokes, claws, hair-pulling, trapping him in the corner) while acting arrogant and talking trash throughout their fight.

The Chinlock below really got to me. Nick is seated comfortably on the ropes while levering back Jacob’s neck, utterly torturing him. It’s so unfair for Nick to be so relaxed and carefree while his victim is being traumatized. This is the exact scenario that drove me wild as a youngster when I watched pro wrestling on TV and Nick Justice understands exactly how to press that hot button in my brain with his moves and commentary.

Another big attraction is the facial expressions of agony and ecstasy displayed by both opponents. Nick Justice is especially orgasmic, looking like he’s jizzing in his bodysuit each time he inflicts pain on his opponent.

Nick is also clearly drawn to Jacob’s handsome face (hey, who isn’t?) He often touches, caresses, and grabs Jacob’s cheek or chin, which is another hot button in my brain that Justice keeps pounding on.

Justice is such a good wrestler. Check out this picture-perfect Suplex, below:

The intent of any CMNM scenario is to emphasize the bareness of the Naked Male’s body, to make his unclothed flesh the center of our attention, to amplify his shame over being so vulnerable and exposed. Justice fully understands this assignment and puts Jacob’s body on display in numerous ways which is why this match was so enjoyable to me.

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4 Responses to Justice Served

  1. Dino says:

    Great match and now Jacob is sporting some chest hair that makes him even hotter to me. His legs look hairy now also which is a trigger for me as well. I don’t remember Jacob being hairy in his previous matches.

  2. Phil says:

    Nick Justice is so hot. What a great heel. He knows how to wear the faces down. Thanks for posting this.

  3. RayAtL says:

    I would prefer Nick to be in trunks and boots as well … I don’t understand his preference for the body suit.

  4. JR says:

    I really wish Nick Justice would wear trunks/speedos again. I think he might be covering up more lately because he’s not in quite the same shape he used to be in, but I actually love it when a guy has a little more meat on the bones and is still confident enough to wear skimpier gear, especially when he has such a handsome face like Nick does. I think it would be so hot to see him back in trunks!