Remember Mix Tapes?

Yes, I’m still here. I have not been taken out by COVID-19 if that’s what you were thinking. I just haven’t blogged in 10 days, I’m not sure why. Everything is so topsy-turvy and unusual now — I’m off my usual routines and habits, doing activities I haven’t done in years and shunning my usual behaviors I guess.

I actually have a lot MORE time to watch wrestling and work on this blog now that my daily commute is just my staircase, but I find myself not really wanting to do it much. That being said, I was inspired by a series of pro wrestling videos posted recently to a YouTube channel I follow.

The channel is called testvideomike and the guy is into pro wrestling — especially when the hot young up-and-comers are in the ring. Lately he’s been posting these long compilation videos called simply “Pro Wrestling” (which to me are the two most erotic and sexually charged words in the English language when used together!)

These videos are essentially a series of matches recorded off television in the early to mid-1990s. If you watch these videos, you’ll see a lot of the hot guys from that era: Alex Wright, Kenny Kendall, Paul Roma, Brad Armstrong, are you horny yet? Based on the sharp image quality, I suspect he recorded 1990’s wrestling episodes on DVDs which were the recording technology of the decade prior to the invention of TIVO in 1999.

The images in today’s gallery come from the “Pro Wrestling” video posted by testvideomike on April 16, but all of his videos are packed with good wrestling and tons of surprises and great memories.

I suspect that these videos were testvideomike’s wrestle-porn collection, the DVDs he kept hidden in his closet or under the bed that he’d pull out when nobody else was home and he could enjoy himself. I should know because I also made videos just like these for the exact same purpose, featuring many of the same wrestlers that testvideomike has recorded. I call these “mix tapes” and I started making them on VHS tapes and later on DVDs. I loved my mix tapes — they got me through my horny teens and twenties. Once in a while, I’d toss out my beloved mix tapes, hoping to “go straight” and stop watching them so much. But soon I’d regret this rash decision and start making more mix tapes.

Testvideomike’s videos remind me of my own mix tapes because they are heavily edited, with the wrestling action distilled down to the hottest moments from each match. There are no commercial breaks, very few interviews, and not many “Hope Spots” where the Baby-Face begins winning the match. No — both testvideomike and I would only record the Eye Candy matches and would pause the video whenever the action was no longer stimulating. This was for 2 main reasons:

  1. It’s easier to get turned on and to get off if the boring scenes are removed from the porn, leaving only the money shots; and
  2. DVDs only held 2 hours of SP video (or Standard Play — the highest quality) and it would be wasteful to fill up a bunch of DVDs with unsexy footage.

Testvideomike seems to have a hard-on for young Alex Wright, who appears multiple times on this video and on some other videos on his channel. I sure don’t blame him, I cried out Alex’s name myself during some of those days when I was home alone 25+ years ago.

I definitely recognize the match between Alex Wright and another favorite of mine — jobber Mark Starr. These studs had a little mini-feud or maybe a sexy Bro Rivalry is more like it. To my delight, testvideomike concluded this mix tape with two matches between Mark Starr and Alex Wright which I’ve seen dozens of times — usually crying out “Ohhhh Alex!” at some point. It always felt like a special gift, like a rare astrological phenomenon when two hot young guys like these would get in the ring together and rassle around!

Alex wore these adorable little baby blue undies for this match, putting his legendary big cock on blast. I definitely recall those trunks from my own mix tape from this era! And Mark Starr wore a snug pair of black speedos — he must’ve been on the diving team in college. I’m sure they had to know that gear like that on smooth young bodies like these were causing DVD’s all across the nation to begin recording at the sound of the bell.

For as gorgeous as he looked, Mark Starr was actually a hard-ass jobber. Mind you — I never saw him win a match, not against a more famous guy like “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright. But you could tell Starr was a bit stiff and aggressive with his moves — perhaps more brutal than he needed to be. This kind of made me lust for him even more, like maybe he would get rough and angry with me and beat me up a little — thinking about which turned me on (then he’d give me a big hug and apologize later for being so rough on me. Oh Marky, I could never stay mad at you!)

When making mix tapes, it was a bonus to set up a little movie, to arrange matches in sequence so they told a story. This is what testvideomike did by placing a second Alex Wright vs. Mark Starr match right after the first one.

Another thing you could do was hook two DVD recorders together. Then you would play the source video on one DVD and create your mix tape on the second DVD, editing the scenes and matches even more tightly. I’d even get fancy and play the source DVD in slow motion or pause it sometimes, so the second DVD would record those hot moments in slow-mo. I didn’t find evidence of this technique on testvideomike’s videos — at least the ones I’ve seen so far.

In the second hunk vs. hunk match, it’s Alex who wears the bad-boy black trunks this time and Mark wears hot fire-engine red.

There are a lot of sexy moments on these videos — I forgot how gorgeous some of the up-and-coming young grapplers were in the 1990s. Testvideomike definitely has great taste in wrestlers and knows what parts of each match to keep in his mix tapes.

This is the best thing about mix tapes — the surprises you find each time you view them. I’d pop in a mix tape that I hadn’t watched in a long time (I had several spindles full of these wrestle-porn DVDs and each spindle holds 50 disks) and to my dick, it would seem just as exciting as the first time I watched the match because I’d forgotten how good it was and hadn’t seen it in a long time.

The video ends abruptly — the ending of this match is not shown. That’s the other thing about mix tapes — sometimes they’d run out and you would not capture the end of the match. Oh well, then you’d just pop in the next one on the stack and keep on watching, hoping nobody surprised you by getting home early.

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12 Responses to Remember Mix Tapes?

  1. Dino says:

    Glad to see you back. Alex was very nice to look at and I enjoyed matches that he got worked over in.

  2. JR says:

    Alex Wright was my first pro wrestling crush when I was growing up, and he will always hold a special place in my fantasies. I think he ended up influencing several of my deeply ingrained turn-ons from the sport which I have to this day. A leather jacket with trunks still totally does it for me, and I can never get enough of wrestlers that show off their cocky personas by doing hip-gyrating dances before, (especially) during, and after a match. Even his particular style of trunks still tends to be my favorite (high-waisted, monochromatic, shiny spandex).

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have the bright idea to video tape hot wrestling matches until after Alex Wright had already switched over to his much less sexy Berlyn gimmick. Thank God for YouTube and all the fantastic users that have posted his old matches for me to enjoy over and over again!

  3. Mike says:

    I remember Alex Wright’s debut match this side of the pond on the old TBS show. Grandpa here recalls baby blue speedos half the size of his later attire and also a blonde hairy chest. By his next appearance he was shaved smooth. I believe he was 19.

  4. Mike says:

    BTW, does anyone remember “BG East” catalogs that you received in the mail because the internet was still a baby? Black and white, the first 3-4 pages were their own material and the last page was always the “pro wrestling from around the world” mix tapes exactly as described here. Just compilations on VHS, it was by far what I ordered from the most, and I’d suspect so did testvideomike. What a treasure chest that was , some matches 8mm no sound but the projector running and some material taped ringside by what have been the first hand held video recorders. A lot of TBS material but the prize was when a no commentary “private video” would be included that made you hold your breath with “who is THAT?!” being pummeled.

  5. admin says:

    I never ordered those early BG East mix tapes but they sound fantastic. I couldn’t receive catalogs or tapes like that in the mail when I still lived at home, and after I moved out, the Internet was up and running. (The specific tapes you described are not explicitly sexual, but the content was still too illicit and sleazy to have to explain to my family why I was getting them by the boxload). I do recall some other web sites that sold mix tapes, or compilations focused on one wrestler, and they were wonderfully exciting to order and trade.

  6. Phil says:

    Alex Wright sizzled and was even better as a heel. Ditto for Paul Orndorff, who had the best pile driver in the business. Roma was so beautiful to look at and really could wrestle. Again, even better as a heel.

    Great gallery and glad you’re well.

  7. David Ramos says:

    That very first image, who were those two young guys and where is the match from?

  8. David Ramos says:

    Who are in that very first image? Where can we find that match?

  9. admin says:

    That match can be found in testvideomike’s YouTube video which I linked to in the article: The wrestlers’ names are Justin 2-Fine and Chuck Murphy. Their match starts at 13:40 into the video. In the background you can see a sign for “NWA Southwest” so that must be the federation.

    Watch for the Testicular Claw and then the Double Nip Pinch inflicted by Justin midway through the match.

  10. Mark says:

    I loved Alex Wright, I used to think he was the sexiest wrestler I’d ever seen (he’s still up there in the top). His trunks fit him so well (although I always wished he would not wear such a high waistband) and I would jack off to him almost every time he was on and I was home alone. I liked to pace myself by only stroking when there was a longer hold to feast my eyes on. Get him tied up in the ropes for a few minutes and I was done. I hated it when they changed him to Berlyn (just as much as I hate it when Matt Striker wears square cut trunks). I always say it would have been too awesome to have known there were other folks like me back then getting off to these hot guys in the ring but at least I know now.

  11. admin says:

    Yes it was a very sad day for many of us when Berlyn premiered — you sure weren’t alone on that one. I couldn’t believe my eyes that he was Alex Wright and I thought, WHY would they do that with such an appealing wrestler?!?

  12. Mike says:

    Alex Wright had a brain aneurysm. He began seeing double and had brain surgery to correct it and was out of commission and when he “returned” he had a new look, head shaved smooth, older and heavier. I don’t know how I knew that but I think it was commentary on the show about his absence.