Excellent Cole, Part 2 of 2

As discussed last week, the match between Greg Excellent and Adam Cole was full of subtle — and not so subtle — images and actions meant to convey their relative masculinity and sexual potency.

We left off with Excellent laying on top of his shirtless opponent and forcing his legs apart in a provocative pose.

Members of the audience now get to join in the humiliation of the Boy Toy.  They restrain his arms as the big man again tweaks and twists his nipples and screams in his face, their mouths just inches apart.

Cole screams in agony as his sensitive nipples are pinched beyond pleasure.  The implication of rape — sexual degradation, restraint, cries of pain — are obvious, and the sadistic crowd seems to enjoy it.

Greg Excellent continues to assert his sexual domination by now stripping off his black singlet to reveal his body in all its glory.  The fans are shocked by his massive size — his hairy masculinity.  He is clad only in Captain America briefs with the Indestructible Shield symbol on the crotch — an implication that he is powerful like a super-hero.

Now both men are shirtless and bare chested, and Excellent is seen to be the more hairy (masculine) man.

Cole, meanwhile, with his long hair and svelte, hairless body appears effeminate compared to the massive, hairy bear.

The match — or the battle for sexual dominance  — continues, with Excellent’s Captain America briefs barely able to contain him.

Soon Cole is seen utterly beaten down, limp and helpless in the corner.  His legs are spread, his body looks like dinner on a plate for big Greg Excellent.  Adam Cole has become a submissive body waiting to be ravaged by the stronger man — accepting it.

The implications of a forced sex act are further demonstrated as Excellent stands over the helpless victim, toying with the waistband of his too-small briefs.

In the end, Adam Cole re-asserts his dominant role, taking physical control of the bigger man, knocking him out and rolling him up in a humiliating ass-in-the-air position.  He has turned the tables on the symbolic rapist, making Greg Excellent into the comical and helpless lump of flesh.

Cole then takes on the persona of a confident, tough, masculine champ (not the limp bitch he played during the match.)  He puts a cocky no-nonsense expression on his face and poses proudly with his gold belt — the coveted prize for the strongest man.  His hard body, now glistening with oil and sweat, is difficult for the fans to ignore — to not take seriously as an object of sexually potency.

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3 Responses to Excellent Cole, Part 2 of 2

  1. Stay Puft says:

    What a match! Although it owes a lot of its hotness to your commentary!

  2. JJ Laroux says:

    audience participation is a too infrequently-used part of pro wrestling that fascinates me!

  3. RayAtL says:

    This was one of your best pictorials yet, Arsenal! What a match! It’s been too long since i’ve seen a ‘Bear vs Face’ match like this! Thanks for posting, and this October was one of the best months yet on WA …. Great job, Ray