Trunks Appreciation Society

Let’s enjoy some great looking men in their skimpy spandex trunks.  That’s what being a pro wrestling fan is all about!

(Below is  former UK wrestler Warren Brady, now Lance Cole.)I’ve always been a big fan of Bob “The Cat” Bradley who wrestled back in the 80’s.  He often wore leopard print, and he looked fantastic in it.

He understood that a wrestler must not only execute the moves and tell a story in the ring but must also look sexy and lust-worthy while doing it.

Oh Angel Garza, why must you always tease us like this with your revealing trunks and sexy boots?!

(Darren Kierney has been featured on the “He Is Out!” blog.)


I need more Adam Cole in my life. Luckily he wrestles for NXT on USA Network which I get on my TV.

In fact, as I’m typing this, Cole is wrestling Prince Balor for the belt on the latest episode of NXT and it is spectacular.  I may have to blog about their match in a future recap article because the visuals are breath-taking.





Kameron Kade is wearing baby-blue jobber trunks, below.

(Below is wrestler Anthony Bravado who is known as Blair Moné in the world of bodybuilding.  He’s been featured on the “Beefcakes of Wrestling” blog.)While in Catholic school, I sometimes wondered what the priests wore under their vestments.  Now I know that my speculation was true — some of them are into wrestling and wear amazing colorful trunks.  If only I knew then what I know now!

(Pastor William Eaver is a British wrestler who uses mind control to brainwash his competition.)




What Trunks Appreciation Society would be complete without a big meaty serving of Dash Wilder?  He gives the fans a little taste of the beefcake they’re about to feast upon visually.



Below is the Georgia-based tag team The Washington Bullets – Trey Williams & Jon Williams

(Below is Derek Bolt who performs for Muscleboy Wrestling.)

I like the narrative of this photo of Zack Sabre Jr. hung in the corner like laundry, obediently awaiting his punishment.  The dominant stud flexes, asking the crowd what they want to see done to the helpless victim.



These swole Tag Team partners called themselves the Alpha Males. Anthony Bowens is a model and a performer in Indy Wresting who identifies as gay and has an Insta and YouTube.  I’ve mentioned him once here on the Arsenal after he appeared in a He Is Out! gallery I enjoyed.

His buff partner is Damian Gibbs who has a Facebook and a YouTube.

I found a Tag Team match on YouTube where they fought a couple of schlubs.

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13 Responses to Trunks Appreciation Society

  1. Darren Kearney looks great. I posted about him before, but he looks hotter now.
    I see him wrestling in OTT, and unfortunately(?) most of his matches are tag team matches. I look forward to his single match where he gets dominated a lot.

  2. Dino says:

    Nice belly in first picture. Derek Bolt in the “wanna wrestle” picture. He has a great set of tits.

  3. Phil says:

    Dash is so perfect……even wearing a jacket.what an exquisite man and wrestler. I can watch him all day long.

  4. Sean Pford says:

    I know not everything is a competition. BUT! The winner here, for me, is Anthony Bravado / Blair Moné / “Bluto”!

    I like Adam Cole too, but if he’s fighting Devitt, it’s Devitt who’ll get the lion’s share of MY attention! 🙂

  5. Mike says:

    The “pretty boy” in green is the former UK wrestler “Warren Brady” now “Lance Cole” who I feel would get more attention as a “face” battling vicious heels but since that is so 1980s that he has to be another boring narcissist character. Which, hell, is what they do to any handsome might-attract-a-huge-gay-following wrestler these days it seems.

  6. admin says:

    I’m happy to see so many comments posted to this article and so much interest in the wrestlers. I think I need to do “Trunks Appreciation Society” more often! You all did such a great job identifying the wrestlers in the gallery that I went back and labeled the guys we recognize with their names. Thanks and happy holidays!

  7. Dino says:

    My second comment. I would agree that “Bluto” is hot to look at. The size of his pecs and those half dollar size nips on those big pecs are amazing.

  8. Phil says:

    Happy Holidsys you you as well!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Cole Cassidy play with those purple trunks like he played with Jobe Zander’s. I bet he would grab that big bulge too.

  10. outfitter says:

    Love that you included Bob Bradley in this. Too bad he jobbed about 95% of the time. He was good enough in the ring to pick up more than a handful of wins in his career. Agree about previous comments on Anthony Bravado. In his wrestling days, he was ‘stud’ personified!

  11. ringwrecker says:

    IMHO recently the one that looks best in trunks is Jordan Devlin. That impressive bulge, accompanied with his chiseled body, is truly a dreamboat.

  12. Vincent Kennedy says:

    Adam Cole is a HBK-wannabe and a D-list loser. NXT needs to get rid of him

  13. Indy Fan says:

    Garza aka Garza jr, loves to show his body in his trunks. he loves to show off. a real show off. i would like to thank him for showing off his hot body. he has wrestled for years and often gets trunks showing his butt to the crowd.