I, Booker (part 7): Paris Trilogy 2

This gallery continues describing the series of custom matches that one of my readers commissioned from WrestlingMale.com.  In episode 2 of the trilogy, Stefan is determined to take revenge on Etienne by any means necessary.  This time, rather than wearing the undersized green thong that exposed his ass, we see Stefan looking powerful and Heelish in a pair of snug black trunks.

You can download this video from WrestlingMale.com.

Here is how my reader described the set-up to this match on his blog:

Stefan has seen the video of Part 1, and feels used by Etienne. He wants to put his boss in his place.  He challenges Etienne to a match and brings him some water.  We see Stefan drugging the water.

Dominating Stefan at the start, like usual, Etienne is starting to feel more and more weak and limp.  Stefan keeps encouraging Etienne to drink the water.”

Stefan really sells this Scissor, moaning and groaning like a jobber to put over Etienne’s power and dominance.  This will make the shift in power seem more extreme after the drugged water kicks in and Stefan takes control of his older and stronger boss.


Etienne’s sweatpants are removed to reveal a spectaluar pair of white trunks with the colors of the French flag on this hips.  Around this point in the match, we see the effects of the drugged water as he begins to act woozy and weak.

My loyal reader emailed me a description of his wrestling kinks that he included in the script for this series of videos:

My wrestling kinks include switches in power dynamic.  The younger or more muscular guy getting trounced by someone less physically fit or experienced for example.”

An authority figure like a boss or police officer being overpowered also always does it for me.

This crushing embrace by the thick slab of American beef depicts Etienne’s loss of power and control.

My reader not only wrote the script identifying the holds he wanted to see, he also hand picked the wrestlers:

From other matches on the WrestlingMale page I knew that wrestler Stefan (also known as Calvin Haynes at BGEast) was the bubble butted jobber of my dreams.  Etienne, who also runs the site and was my contact throughout the process, can be a ruthless heel, but also suffers wonderfully and can be quite the sloppy jobber.  Him being ‘the boss’ sort of makes that even hotter, a flipped power dynamic.

By the way, this drugging scenario reminded me of an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man that really made an impression on me as a youngster.  (I wonder if my reader also saw the same episode and kept this Roofied Fighter fetish somewhere in his kinks.)

In the Season 4 episode known as “The Infiltrators,” our hero Steve Austin has gone undercover as a boxer (because several foreign boxers have defected to the United States, perhaps to act as spies against us.)

Anyway, thanks to his bionic powers, the Six Million Dollar Man dominates the first round.

But during the pause between rounds, a devious female villain pours some paralyzing drug into our hero’s bucket, which is sponged onto his bare chest and handsome face.

The fact that a woman has tricked him like this and drained him of his strength will make his loss of power even more degrading and arousing to watch.

Sure enough, once the drug takes effect, the Six Million Dollar Man is as weak as a jobber — like Superman after drinking a Kryptonite cocktail.

This episode had a strong effect on me and has remained in my Spank Back for over 40 years:  that hairy chest on hunky Lee Majors (w0nderfully shirtless for us), his utter helplessness due to the drug, his humiliating public defeat, the peril of his situation — it’s like the recipe for an orgasm.

The only way it could’ve been sexier and even more influential to me would’ve been if they were pro wrestling rather than boxing.  Oh well, at least they’re fighting shirtless in a ring.  By the way, I found this episode on Daily Motion (and seeing it again now after a lifetime of other experiences and turn-ons, it was not nearly as intoxicating and arousing as the first time I viewed it.)

Anyway, let’s get back to the modern age and the easy dominance of sexy, flexy Stefan over his drugged boss.

Stefan takes advantage of his boss’s weakness and gets the upper hand.”

This great Headscissor by Stefan really did it for me.  He degrades the older man by putting his balls right in his face.  Did you ever have a cocky boss or co-worker who talked too much that you wanted to do this to?

I’ll leave you to purchase this video if you want to see how it ends (it may not be the ending you’re expecting…)  My reader’s critique follows:

In general, each wrestler brought their best aspect very well I thought, and I was overall very pleased.  Stefan’s gorgeous looks and body were brought to the screen very well, and Etienne’s exploitation of his employee in Part 1 was just beautiful.  Stefan’s attempt at revenge in Part 2 I was very happy with, both for Etienne’s gradually getting limp, as well as the perfectly executed ending.”

To Be Continued…





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