I, Booker (part 1)

Today I am starting a new series on this Blog to discuss Custom-made wrestling videos that a super-fan can purchase under commission.

If you’ve paid an Underground fed to stage a match based on your script, your exact gear selections, or your favorite moves, we’d like to hear about it.

How did it feel to be able to direct the action and script the outcome?  Am I the only wrestle-porn viewer who has not bought my own Custom?

I’d like to know what company you bought from and how many minutes it lasted.  Did they nail your script — where did they drop the ball?  Were you satisfied and would you order another Custom?

You can leave a comment at the bottom of this article describing your experience or send me an email at WrestlingArsenal@hotmail.com.   I will totally protect your privacy and not share your name or email address if that is your preference (if you don’t want Aunt Mildred to know you get off on spanking or something.)  Also, if the video is posted on-line, please send the link so we can all view it and enjoy it, and I can create images from it.

More than any other sport, pro wrestling seems to entice the viewer to want to get involved — to be the Heel applying the holds, or the Jobber on his back acting hurt.

How many of us watched rasslin with a play-mate  and couldn’t resist the urge to pounce on him and put him in a Headlock?  It’s monkey see, monkey wrassle.

So I believe the Custom Video option fulfills (to some degree) this desire to get involved, by directing the scene.  If one can’t get in the ring in person, at least one can play the Booker — pairing up the perfect opponents, selecting their gear, and even living vicariously through the Heel by deciding what holds he will apply and in what order.  I’m guessing that’s a big turn-on, inquiring minds want to know!


Custom videos also enable us to indulge in our wrestling fantasies, for example requesting the same hold to be applied over and over, each one adding to our excitement.

One of my loyal readers described it best in his comment:

“It’s really hot thinking about these studs taking pleasure in putting themselves on display like this for a horny fan.

I find that many of my favorite videos from online wrestling companies end up being other people’s custom videos.  When there’s a particular move or theme that strikes my fancy, I really get off on seeing it done to excess.

Maybe there is some rare move that drove you wild but you never got to see enough of it.  Now you can have it on demand, over and over as you savor the indulgence, like eating a whole gallon of ice cream in one sitting.

Now I know it’s rude to discuss money and prices, but I think it would be helpful for a potential buyer like myself to know about how much this is gonna cost me.

I realize the prices vary wildly depending on exactly what and who you want to see. Still, it would be great if you could ball-park the cost (assuming you won’t tell us the exact price to the penny…)   Was it under $500?   Over $2,000?   Did it cost more or less than your last car?


Some of the Underground Wrestling companies provide information about ordering Custom Videos, such as Wrestler4Hire, Underground Championship Wrestling, Spotland Scrappers, Muscleboy Wrestling, and Underground Wrestler (which lists two price options on their website — $1,500 for a 20-minute video and $5,000 for the deluxe version.)

I’m not sure whether some of the other companies offer a Custom video option, such as BG East, Thunders Arena, 88 Wrestling, Can-Am, who else am I missing?  I checked their websites and read their FAQs, but I don’t see these producers actively soliciting custom videos.

I suppose if you pony up enough dough, any of the companies would find a way to make your dream match happen.

So this is my pitch, setting up this “I, Booker” series.  We’ll see how many Custom buyers are willing to speak up now and share their experiences.  My goals are to understand more about the Custom process, to hear about some more of your private wrestling kinks that you dig so much, you’re willing to pay for them, and to hopefully drum up some business for our beloved Wrestle-Porn producers to keep them operating and churning out exactly the kinds of wrestling we all love.  Your thoughts?

To Be Continued…

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4 Responses to I, Booker (part 1)

  1. Gerald Lemire says:

    LOVE THIS STUFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brandon says:

    Who is the guy in the first gif in the blue?

  3. admin says:

    Brandon, That video clip comes from Underground Wrestler — the match is Kasee vs. Troy and I believe the guy in the blue singlet is Troy. You can find out more about their match or order it for download from the website at https://undergroundwrestler.com/collections/latest-matches/products/you-wont-believe-what-they-did-for-2000

  4. Robert S. Cakebread says:

    I have purchased a number of custom matches over the years that involve all, or nearly all, scissorsholds. Cameron at wrestler4hire has made several for me. I like to see real squeezing and he is good about putting in real squeezing and then hamming it up, too. He’s great at trash talk, too. I have also bought a number of custom videos from trickfighters, which I really like. Also, I bought quite a few from thecrushzone, which I absolutely love but these do not involve wrestling.