Manhandled and Dominated

Back on February 28, the excellent He Is Out! blog featured this bleach-blond beauty, Royce Isaacs, taking a stiff He Is Out! beating from a rough, tough opponent named Andy Brown.   This was a Ladder Match and, judging from the images the blogger chose to include, poor Royce suffered a devastating and brutal ass-whipping.

As you’ll see below (and/or in the He Is Out! gallery), the action was fairly arousing, Royce looks amazing, and it left us all craving more.

You can see that Andy Brown is a stocky, sturdy fellow who you can tell just by looking at his thick frame could really fuck you up.

Royce Issacs is buff, don’t get me wrong, but there is something fragile and streamlined looking in his sleek body, whereas Andy Brown is built Ford tough.

This being a Ladder Match, we’ve gotta see ladders used to injure and destroy the combatants, at least the prettier of the two combatants.

This stiff kick to the ladder, while it’s braced around Royce’s neck, seems to really ruin his day.

And when Brown fucking PILE-DRIVES poor Royce right on the fucking LADDER, one reader wrote: “Fuck! That piledriver is sexy! Thank you very much.

So the blogger replied that there was actually a second match between these two hunks, which inspired other readers to express their desire to see more:

Oh please please do post it. I love watching Royce Isaacs being tortured like a rag doll,”


More Royce!!!!! There’s nothing better than Royce being manhandled and dominated.



So fast-forward to 6/28/2019, and He Is Out! followed through on his promise to give us more Royce Isaacs being manhandled and dominated by the unsinkable Andy Brown.

This newest images have me realizing that Royce Isaacs is a real show-off and cock-tease, well aware that his displays of agony are both visually compelling and sexually arousing to the viewers.  So he really fucks with our heads by playing up his sexy vulnerability and offering us gratuitous views of his hot body and impressive bulge.  What a slutty jobber, driving us crazy with all his twisting, crawling, selling, and posing.\

Look what Royce does here, just after Brown slams him on his back.  He twists toward the camera, presenting that bare chest and those chiseled abs for the viewers masturbating at home, and places one hand behind his back to emphasize his vulnerability.  This is masterful selling, and he’s got the body-oddy to make it work.

Brown is a relentless and merciless hard-ass, clocking helpless Royce right in the jaw to put him right down on the mat.

Royce goes down like a ton of bricks and plays the ragdoll for a while, and I kind of fall in love with him then.

Andy Brown joins in our cock-watch game with this revealing pinfall attempt.  I used this opportunity to play Ringside Cameraman by enlarging the GIF as if I were zooming in on Brown’s Money Shot.



We just don’t see Money Shot pinfalls as much as we used to.  The WWE seems to have banned their Reveal-His-Dick cover pins, which used to be almost mandatory.

But Royce and Brown are keeping the Money Shot tradition alive with this Hook-the-Leg pinfall.

I’m playing the wrestle-porn cameraman again, zooming right in on those pink zebra trunks.  Still, you can tell Royce is really leaving it all in the ring, giving the audience their money’s worth.

Thanks again Tetsuya for these hot images and the inspiration for this article.  You’ve converted me into a big Royce Isaacs fan.








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2 Responses to Manhandled and Dominated

  1. Chaz says:

    Thanks! Loved watching Andy Brown have his way with Royce!

  2. Brandon says:

    Royce is a work of art. Great post!
    If only all Royce isaacs matches were like these gifs the whole way through….