11/26/18 – Worst Raw Ever? Not.

Some online reviews have dubbed the 11/26/18 episode of Raw the “worst episode ever.”  However, for me, the Main Event featuring Finn Balor saved the show in my book.   Once again, Finn is pitted against the General Manager — the boss in black clothes Baron Corbin.

So we get to see Finn and his buff little body looking breath-taking in beautiful red gear?  We get to see Corbin continue his on-going and repeated abuse of the spectacular Baby-Face?  And we get to see Finn’s cock-stirring displays of agony and suffering?!  A bad episode — me thinks not.

Corbin always tortures his powerless employee with this Armbar Chinlock which I’ve named the “Baron Brace.”  He repeatedly put Balor in this same hold on the 8/27/18 episode of Raw which I blogged about.  And he applied it at least three times in this match.

Is it too repetitive to see Corbin disable Balor using this same hold all the time?  Is that why some viewers found this episode of Raw disappointing?

Actually, this repetition is what makes the Corbin-Balor feud such a turn-on.  Balor is utterly defenseless against the Baron Brace, his torso held on display for our viewing pleasure each time Corbin feels like slapping it on again.  And Balor just sits there, obediently enduring this humiliation, over and over!  If that doesn’t give you a boner, then you are either not a dude, or you can’t tell that pro wrestling is meant to be a turn-on.

Maybe the reason some viewers were bored by this match, but I loved it, is because of my gear fetish.  I notice the colors and styles of trunks (and matching accessories) worn by the wrestlers.  I get excited when someone changes their trademark color.  I dig guys in all red gear.  So I loved this match more than the average viewer just because of Finn’s wearing of red instead of his usual black.

Red is the color of the Raw brand (as you can tell from the ring ropes, graphics, background colors, etc.)  So maybe they dressed Finn in red to signal that he is now the Face of the brand (which is fine with me — I love his suffering.)  Or maybe Corbin gets off on red and he selected this outfit and forced his employee, Balor, to wear it for his own guilty pleasure.

It’s fantasies like these that make me enjoy pro wrestling more than some other viewers, and maybe THIS is why I didn’t think this Raw episode was so bad.

Speaking of twisted thoughts, the power and dominance of Boss Corbin adds to the sado-masochistic tone of this match.  He gets to wear all his clothes like a boss, while Finn is forced to appear nearly naked and therefore vulnerable.  Then the Boss stomps his shirtless worker without mercy.  Can’t other viewers tell how deliciously homo-erotic this is?!?

Oh, and then the Boss calls another employee — the stunning and muscular Drew McIntyre — into the ring to help work over Balor.  And McIntyre humiliates Balor, nearly exposing and then generally kicking, Balor’s ass.  And you’re gonna call this a terrible episode?!?

McIntyre is put over as an unstoppable force — a true Alpha Male with zero mercy for any man who stands against him.  This attracts us to him as a hunky, virile Heel that we want to watch in action.

McIntyre’s strength is emphasized as he easily lifts and throws poor Balor around like a child, further high-lighting his strength advantage.

After Balor is destroyed by McIntyre’s deadly and irresistible Claymore Kick, both of the men in black cover Balor for a pinfall to communicate their joint mastery over him.

This humiliating treatment by the Boss and his henchmen, who hold all the power, is intoxicating if you “get” pro wrestling — I sure loved it!.

McIntyre’s finishing move — this rough looking “Claymore Kick” — is sold as a devastating killer move.  Finn goes completely limp each time he eats one of McIntyre’s boots.  Giving the Heel an unbeatable and devastating finisher is yet another hot aspect of this scene.

And as if that is not hot enough, another Heel, Bobby Lashley, then gets in the mix to assist in this unfair post-match beating.  Really?!  This is “boring” ???

Two of the Heels drag Balor up by the arms so McIntyre can unleash another ruinous Claymore Kick.  This is just cruel and unusual punishment, and the longer it continues, the more I dig it.  Where are Balor’s friends?  Will nobody come to his rescue?

So was this, in fact, the worst episode of Raw ever?  Not in this fan’s opinion.  Not after what they did to poor Finn Balor (and I’ll sure tune in for more of it.)


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5 Responses to 11/26/18 – Worst Raw Ever? Not.

  1. Phil says:

    Well, I could not agree more. What a hot match. We need to see more and more and more of Finn v Baron.

  2. Figure4Freak says:

    That bright shade of red is perfect for Balor the jobber! Thoroughly enjoyed his 3 vs 1 beat down! Definitely NOT the worst Raw episode!

  3. Aaron says:

    Yes this was such an erotic match…Finn who usually wears black was asked to wear his red trunks for this beatdown…no wonder…the contrast between his barely covered body with the fully clothed and black trunked opponents was so powerful

  4. Dino says:

    Yes Finn is hot in his red attire and hot body but Drew with that dusting of hair on his pecs and abs is all man too. He has great looking arms and his pecs are some of the hottest I have seen in awhile. I can imagine stroking and playing with his pecs and nips for hours. I can’t tell from the pictures but if Drew has some hair in his pits I would put in my top 5 of hot looking guys.

  5. Gary Wrednal says:

    Thanks very much for posting this hugely arousing sequence of photos. Beyond confirming how good Finn Balor looks in red, they prove what a total professional he is. He must be deeply committed to his trade to agree to a three-against-one and not care about either suffering a public defeat or the risk of genuine injury (those kicks looked pretty stiff and the body-slams were vicious). And all of it in only a pair of trunks, with – judging by the wedgie shot – nothing at all on underneath. Brave and generous in every regard.