World of Scissors

One of the YouTube channels I follow,  Incredible Hulks (I love that name) recently posted several classic Brit Pro bouts including this match between Hurricane Hayward in the blue trunks and hunky, husky King Ben in a snug black speedo. What caught my interest was the multiple Scissors by these thick-thighed studs.

Hayward loved Scissors —  he used them often in his matches.  The above leg-clench occurred at 8:28 into the video.

King Ben then responds by showing Hayward how it feels, clamping on his own Side Headscissor at 8:45.  He refuses to unclamp even after Hayward tries to kick out.

At 11:38, burly Ben wraps his tree trunks around Hayward’s waist and crushes him.  Check out Hayward collapsing onto Daddy Ben’s hairy chest.

Is anyone else picking up the homo-erotic vibe of this hold? — the inter-lacing of their fingers, the press of their cocks and chests, the intimate body contact.  I suppose this positioning is too sexually suggestive for modern audiences so we don’t see Face-to-Face Body-Scissors utilized in the ring much these days.  But I’ve heard that this hold remains very popular in bedrooms and hotel rooms across the country.


King Ben is just showing off when he slaps on this Criss-Cross Ankle Scissor variation at 11:58.  I knew this hot hold was popular in Mexico but I hadn’t seen it often in Brit Pro.

The gorgeous yellow wing-tipped boots look great clamped around Hayward’s neck.  Ben tortures him for a good while, pinching the dude’s neck between his crossed ankles.

This is not the most punishing version of the Headscissor, but Hayward sells it gamely, allowing King Ben to force him back down to the mat where he suffers in humiliating helplessness.

Hayward puts over the unbeatable power in Ben’s legs and in those beautiful boots while presenting himself as submissive and out-manned.

The Scissor-porn continues at 17:59 as Hayward again slaps on a Scissor.  King Ben lingers there between Hayward’s legs, either taking a rest break, or enjoying and savoring the young man’s grip strength.

If this scene had occurred in the USA, even back in those days, some loudmouth in the audience would’ve chanted “BORING!  BORRRRING!”  but the Brits know hot wrestling when they see it.

Ben scissors Hayward again at 20:58 to re-establish his position as the top Scissor-Alpha in the ring.  Get him Ben, you thicc fireplug!

Brit Pro matches usually went over 20 minutes.  How great that they had plenty of time to savor each move and spend some minutes at Scissoring without needing to rush to the next High Spot.

In the end, Hayward defeats King Ben and the two opponents share an intimate moment.  Ben humbly places the championship strap around Hayward’s waist and raises his arm in victory, admitting that his opponent is the Better Man.  Then Hayward takes the man he just beat into his arms for a long embrace, expressing his respect and attraction.  These two just can’t get enough of each other!

The next video posted to the Incredible Hulks channel opens immediately with a Hurricane Hayward headscissor.  The Hurricane is wearing light blue Look-At-My-Ass trunks for this bout.

Hayward’s opponent is a fellow fit young lad named Jon Cortez wearing the purple speedo.


Apparently Cortez and Hayward had a long rivalry and wrestled each other frequently (who could blame them?)

I searched on YouTube and found five or six of their matches.  It might be fun to watch those and count how many times they use Scissors on each other.


The slower pace of Brit Pro wrestling and the length of the bouts (often Best of Three Falls) enabled the application of long, repetitive holds like Headscissors.

If I had visited the UK and seen these matches during the years they first aired, I would’ve felt jealous of the British fans (and wrestlers) who got to enjoy these frequent, sexy Leg Scissors.

Cortez briefly steals the show with a picture-perfect Headstand at 15:54 to escape the Headscissor.

He draws our attention away from Hayward and onto his snug trunks and fit body suspended for our inspection.

The final Brit Pro match recently posted by Incredible Hulks featured the dirty, cheating antics of Jackie Pallo in the flamboyant rainbow trunks, clownish hair, and golden boots.

Pallo has his opponent trapped against the ropes at 2:14, so the ref yanks him backward by the hair (what the fuck, ref?!)

The sadistic and sexually agressive Heel takes advantage of the situation by giving his jobber a jab to the crotch which drops the pussy like a ton of bricks.

This is the sort of kinky wrestling hold that fanboy fantasies are made of!   Pallo takes a seat on his jobber’s shoulders at 3:45 and locks on his legs like a bridle to ride the chump around the ring.  Fuck, that’s hot!

What a humiliation for poor, handsome Ian Gilmore, used in this degrading manner by a flamboyant sissy Heel.  With those legs clamped around his head, Ian has no choice but to obediently provide his Master with this horsie ride.   Oh how I enjoy bawdy, suggestive Brit Pro action like this!


I can’t believe what Pallo does to Gilmore at 4:40, hoisting him up as if to Body-Slam him, and instead PILE-DRIVING HIS HEAD INTO  THE CANVAS!  This did not fit the “World of Scissors” theme of this gallery but it’s a stunning move so I included it.

It’s so brutal — can anyone teach this prancing queer some respect and decency?!

At 4:42, Pallo tries to reapply his Ride-em Cowboy Headscissor but Cortez is too broken and weak to hold up his rider.  They collapse to the mat and the ref gives Pallo the win.

Pallo is effective as a Heel because he combines brutal and powerful moves (the cruel Pile-Driver, the smothering Riding Scissors) with his sexually threatening persona.  He seems flashy and bitchy, which gives the ostensibly hetero-normal blokes in the audience a whiff of queerness, inciting their gay panic alarms with his very presence.  And when it becomes apparent that Pallo could over-power them and bend them to his will (with those killer legs), and when they notice that this image is arousing them, the viewers are overwhelmed with feelings that will ensure they remain pro wrestling addicts for life.

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2 Responses to World of Scissors

  1. Mark says:

    Always great to view the old British wrestling bouts that originally aired on Saturday afternoons to a very large TV audience.
    There were always a high percentage of ladies sat in the front row checking out the wrestler’s in their skimpy trunks and the size and shape of the……

  2. Phil says:

    Jackie Pollo was such a great heel. I remember announcers taking about his “incredibly strong legs……” with all the implications that went along with that. Terrific wrestler.