Rock Crusher

I always enjoy seeing Rocky Johnson in action — the father of The Rock who served as the muscular eye candy in the 1970’s and 80’s before every wrestler had a killer bod.  Fuck yes, Rocky, you thick He-Man!

This match, recently posted to YouTube, displays Rocky near the end of his career in 1985 — about the time I was really gooning out over massive body-builders.

Johnson’s opponent is Big John Studd — clearly depicted as the larger, manlier Boss.  Both studs wore white gear, which sure had my attention!

We are presented with Rocky’s defeat and humiliation as Studd just masters him.  In this “dick measuring contest”, we see Johnson forced to his knees, his face right near Big John’s big Johnson.  The former Big Swinging Dick is rendered impotent!

Eventually Rocky reverses the pain but he needed the ropes for leverage (what a wimp!) and his reign is very short.  The vast majority of the match features Rocky being beaten down, hammered across the back, and presented as a washed-up former legend.

Why must they degrade Johnson like this just before he retires?  Is he presented as a jobber to put Studd over as a killer giant, or do the promoters just get off on humiliating him?


The hottest point in the match is at 27 minutes into the video when Studd takes Rocky in a Bearhug and squeezes the life out of him.

As a horny young fan who craved body contact with a Big Studd, the Bearhug always caught my interest.  Again the great Rocky Johnson is made to look like a submissive pussy, as helpless as a kitty.

Rocky sells his pain with enthusiasm, willingly accepting his fate as the stronger man’s jobber.  He shows us several of his “O” faces (maybe I’ll join you, Rocky!)

I love when the Bearhug victim falls limp and rests his head on the stronger man’s shoulder like they’re slow dancing.  Is Studd whispering sweet nothings in Rocky’s ear?

The ref raises and drops Johnson’s huge arm, demonstrating (and celebrating) his utter vulnerability.

The homo-eroticism of this match is found in Rocky’s loss of power — the draining of his strength, resistance, and free will.  Seeing this muscular former champion out-manned like a jobber is like pornography for a wrestling lover.

Studd boasted that no man could Body-Slam him because he is so massive.  When Rocky foolishly tries for the slam, Studd grabs the ropes (illegally) to fall on Johnson and pin him.

This loss may have been a mistake (or a screw job) because Johnson reacts in great anger over this loss and the ref needs to calm him down.

I’m still not exactly sure why Rocky Johnson was made to appear so submissive and weak in this match.  He would retire from wrestling just a few months after this humiliation.  Maybe he resented being emasculated like this, or maybe he realized his Glory Days were behind him (even though he still looked spectacular in my eyes!)

Johnson’s Tag Team partner when they won the straps was Tony Atlas, another ripped, swole Mandingo Warrior with spectacular physique.  While working on this gallery, I found a video on featuring Atlas suffering a similar beating by Big John Studd.  Did they really need to degrade and neuter both of these formerly powerful hunks?

Sure enough, Studd hugs Atlas just as he had done to Johnson seven months earlier.  And Atlas shifts immediately into full Ragdoll mode, dropping his big arms like deflating balloons.

Again we see the “Useless Muscles” gimmick which seems to excite many pro wrestling fans.  Atlas should feel ashamed for willingly serving as Studd’s bitch.

I’m not exactly sure why I so enjoy watching Big John Studd work over both members of the “Soul Patrol.”  Maybe it’s because they had been the champions, beating everyone for a year or so, which makes their Fall from Grace enticing.  Part of my enjoyment is definitely inspired by their great bodies and powerful chests and arms.  It’s just so unfair to see them crushed by this giant whose strength derives from his genetics while they had to work out to become powerful.




















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3 Responses to Rock Crusher

  1. Guy LeBuff says:

    I love it! Nice to see Atlas getting dominated and ragdolled by the big blonde’s bear hug! I just wish the match was longer!

  2. RayAtL says:

    Rocky Johnson was always somewhat under rated imho … I loved watching him job to other guys but he should have got a bigger push in the NWA. Maybe he was more popular in other territories …

  3. Musclelover says:

    Mainstream wrestling has always pushed the characters who had the more “redneck” aesthetic. I understand why, due to the fact that a huge chunk of the fanbase responds to that. It’s part of the reason why it’s hard for me to get too engrossed in WWE’s storylines due to the fact that the “rednecks” get the biggest push. That is probably the reason why these two studs saw these defeats….it was hot to watch though!!!