4 Legs vs. 1 Neck

11shakeA 1984 episode of WCW, recently posted to YouTube, features Brad Armstrong and Tim Horner wrestling in a tournament.   Not only were they two of the hottest young studs in wrestling at the time, but they would later form a baby-face Tag Team known as the Lightning Express.

The winner of this bout will move forward to wrestle Jack Brisco.



Brad’s favorite move is the Armbar — he uses it all the time.  Here we see clever Tim Horner apply the perfect counter-move.  He reaches up his tree-trunk thighs and devours Brad’s neck between his interlocked legs.

Then we get nice close-ups of Brad’s curly hair and Tim’s shiny ruby boots.



Brad eventually breaks free of Horner’s (first) Headscissor.  Then Brad inflicts this really lovely OTK Backbreaker.

When both opponents were cute young baby-faces, it was hard to decide which one you wanted to see suffering more.  Either one was fine, either one boned you up.


Again Brad foolishly tries an Armbar, and again Horner uses his foolproof escape:  a gorgeous Headscissor.

Check out Horner’s thicc legs and burgundy trunks as he grinds on the pressure, his boots locked tightly together.  Either this is sexually suggestive and erotic or I’m some kind of perv with a fetish for wrestling holds.



The story being told in this match is the weakening of Brad’s neck, each Scissor causing incremental damage.

Later in this article we will see the neck abuse coming back to haunt Brad Armstrong.  It is good Ring Psychology, a story of prolonged stud suffering.

16scissor3Again Brad escapes and applies an Armbar.  Again Horner uses a Headscissor to escape.

Apparently dumb Brad never learns, but with 3 Headscissors in the same match, this horny wrestling fan is sure not complaining.



Later one of the Road Warriors jumps in the ring (I’m not sure why) and attacks Brad, knocking him down by clobbering his neck.  Now Brad’s neck is REALLY fucked up!

Because Brad was struck, he is declared the winner due to Outside Interference and moves forward to wrestle Brisco.



Then we see Tim Horner confront Jack Brisco, asking Brisco to grant Brad Armstrong a week of rest and recovery before they wrestle.  But Brisco is all like, Fuck you, I want to wrestle Brad right now, and if his neck is injured, too damn bad!  (What a heartless, selfish Heel!)

00bradneckAs Armstrong enters the ring to face the sadistic veteran, Jack Brisco, we can tell his neck is bothering him.  The video of this match is also on YouTube.  Brad repeatedly cringes in pain and bends his ear toward his shoulder.

Poor, poor Brad and his awful neck injury!   He is doomed (and I am loving it.)



02leg2neckWhen Horner asked Brisco to postpone this match, he let the champ know that Brad’s neck is injured.  Now the selfish Heel targets that injured neck, and Brad is in agony!

This is the type of scenario that made pro wrestling seem dangerous and sexy — that felt so unfair and cruel for the suffering pretty-boy that it turned you on as you watched in wide-eyed excitement.


04hdscissNow Brisco clamps on a Figure Four Headscissor of his own, grinding and twisting poor Brad’s gimpy neck.  Brisco looks like he’s trying to get off while Brad is in pure agony.  Poor Brad is forced to tap out!

05winBrisco comes off as a big tuff evil Heel Champ.  I sure miss the days when a match could be won using a grinding Headscissor!

Brad’s reputation as our potent young hero is saved, even though he lost, because he can’t help it that his neck was injured.  It’s not his fault that an evil Road Warrior illegally attacked him.

Altogether, a tragic story was presented in these matches, with selfish, vicious Heels abusing eager, honest young Heroes, with everybody shirtless.  We got to enjoy tons of prolonged neck abuse, including a bunch of beautiful Scissors.  It definitely got me going.







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2 Responses to 4 Legs vs. 1 Neck

  1. Phil says:

    That Brisco/Armstrong match is one of my all-time favorites. It does not get much hotter. Thanks so much for this terrific issue.

  2. Ian Burton says:

    Brisco does what any decent professional wrestler should do: mercilessly take advantage of his opponent’s injury to inflict pain and punishment on the injured body part, and then secure a win by forcing a submission. This horny wrestling fan loved that match. Thank you for sharing it with us.