Extraordinary Feats of Strength



A classic episode of the TNT wrestling talk show was recently posted to YouTube.  The first 25 minutes of the program feature Patera talking tough to interviewer Vince McMahon, who fawns over him (rumor is that VKM is into big muscles.)  They pause the interview to show us this squash match, which showcases Patera’s awesome power.



Patera’s opponent is a young jobber named Billy Joe Travis.  I always got into this pretty wussy — I’ve blogged about him several times.

Travis is cute with his curly mane of hair and chubby babyish face.  He sells nicely in his sexy red tights, flopping on the mat, cringing in tearful agony, moaning and groaning like a well-trained jobber.

03twocountEvery move and pose emphasizes Patera’s super-human strength:  bouncing his pectorals, kissing his biceps, Bearhugging and Headlocking his weaker victim.

Then there are a couple of Pick-ups on the Count of Two which, I’ve heard from many of you, is a popular turn-on.


03bodyslam1During the erotically charged interview on this program, Patera performs several feats of strength while VKM watches in horny awe (bending an iron rod, pressing a heavy barbell, even holding back a speeding car with his legs.)

The match they showed, with Patera easily tossing the jobber around like “a sack of potatoes”, is just another feat of strength meant to turn on the boss.

04bodyslam2Another humiliating Bodyslam for Travis, another demonstration of Patera’s epic power.  This time Patera appears to be fondling those red tights before he drops the boom.

Our take-away is that Patera is a naughty perv, but there is nothing Billy can do to force the big brute to respect his boundaries.


I love a good Flying Elbow and Patera’s is as awesome and breath-taking as anyone’s.  His rock-hard tricep crushes the helpless wimp’s ribcage and the match is over.

VKM then gushes over Patera’s “awesome power” and we return to the studio for another “extraordinary feat of strength.”



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2 Responses to Extraordinary Feats of Strength

  1. battle-porn says:

    I love the it when Patera grabs Travis’s hair and then pulls his head close to his crotch. I find those fleeting moments quite erotic.

  2. Phil says:

    Patera’s bearhug on Travis is classic….who does it like that today? Great grabbing and groping. Great gallery! Thanks.