MarkLewinOver the past week, I’ve noticed an abundance of Pile Driver images showing up in my Tumblr feed.  Is something in the air inspiring this focus on the most deadly and dangerous move in wrestling?

Or are there always a bunch of Pile Driver images being uploaded and I just happened to take notice this week?  I realize this vicious finisher is always popular among wrestling fans, a Killer Move that the audience would shout for if their favorite Heel had not delivered it soon enough in the match.

So to scratch your Pile Driver Brutality itch, here are some of the stunning images that made my head snap recently, with my usual captions added beneath.


Ohhhh — Mr. Wonderful — the Master of the Pile Driver.  Seeing this Power-House ruin so many soft-bellied jobbers like this really inspired some thrilling feelings of fear, respect, and longing in this young wrestling fan.

The fans began calling him “Paula” in an effort to emasculate him, but I wanted them to all shut up and show him some proper worship and respect.


brokenThis jobber really sells the destruction, acting all stunned and broken.  Either that, or he was truly stunned and broken after being bounced on the top of his head.

That’s the thing about this move: you’re never quite sure if the victim is really being hurt or not.  And that gives you those butterflies in your lower belly that can soon turn into more intense feels.


ropesdriverThis is that In-The-Ropes Driver that Chasyn Rance always uses.  Oh no — don’t tell me this ruthless variation is growing in popularity!

The poor victim can’t defend himself at all, and the brutal bastard implementing this move apparently gives No Fucks What-So-Ever.



Whoever you sick, sadistic violence-pervs are who created and posted all these cruel Pile-Drivers, keep up the GREAT work!   The heartless punishment and injustice are intoxicating (assuming the helpless victims were not harmed in the making of these images, of course.  They’re not REALLY being harmed, are they??)




crotchdriverUPDATE:  After I posted this article, one of my loyal readers left a comment and link to a match featuring the Japanese Master of the Pile-Driver, Minoru Suzuki.

Here is the image of his  Crotch Cradle variation that utterly demolishes bearded Hunk, Joe Coffey.  Wow.   I need to watch more Japanese wrestling if they’re wearing trunks like THOSE and delivering killer moves like THAT!







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8 Responses to Driven

  1. battle-porn says:

    I’m a huge fan of pile driver move too. I can’t remember how many times I jerked off to that Ricochet match (the third GIF) , but I often just skipped to the end. Minoru Suzuki’s pile driver move is also pretty sick, which is usually followed by a cocky pin, like this match:

  2. battle-porn says:

    If you like Japanese wrestlers wearing those snug trunks, here is another great match ( In the end super cute Tatsuhiko Yoshino was destroyed by another spectacular pile driver.

  3. Jhn Nyd says:

    anyone know the full name of the bouts with the captions “out of nowhere, he is wrecked” or ” “someone call in a stretcher”? They look like hot bouts!

  4. Iggy says:

    Gotta ask; which type of piledriver do you guys prefer? Belly-to-belly or belly-to-back?

  5. battle-porn says:

    “out of no where”: it’s “Elliot Sexton & Jonah Rock vs The Armstrongs.” (8:25)

    “someone call in a stretcher”: it’s “PWG – Preview – 2014 Battle of Los Angeles – Night Two.” (2:12)

  6. Outfitter says:

    Thanks for this. The piledriver is one of my favorite wrestling moves too. Particularly loved seeing them done by Bob Sweetan back in the day. Oliver John does a good one as well. Saw Tully Blanchard give one to a rather rotund Dusty Rhodes, with a little help from Arn Anderson on television once. That was pretty hot to see.

  7. One of my absolute favorite wrestling moves. Very dangerous, but equally erotic. I’ll always enjoy seeing a guy getting his head wedged between his opponent’s thighs and having his world rocked.

  8. Phil says:

    The Japanese wresters are so incredible…..willing to take real risks. Suzuki is great; so is Jun Akiyama.